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Pressure mounts on EE

Created on 07/09/2016 @ 10:07
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Fed up local residents are coming together to collectively push for phone service provider EE to get their act together.

After weeks of worsening mobile phone signals, users are flocking to a new Facebook group called EE Complaints Welshpool that was set up at the weekend.

The page creator Jess Stait said she was left with no choice after feeling EE were not taking concerns seriously, and 200 annoyed customers have already joined the group with many consistent comments being made.

Residents all over town have commented that they are either struggling, or have no signal, and particularly annoying for them is the excuses allegedly being used by EE. Businesses in particular are seething.

Prominent businesswoman Kaye Derwas complaied: “It’s not good enough. I complained and they’ve offered to credit one month’s line rental. I hope they meant it was for the six business phones I have with EE?”

Even MyWelshpool has not received a response since we contacted their press representatives two days ago.

But here is a selection of the sometimes bizarre things the group members say they have been told by EE customer service:

“I got told there is no problem in our area so try using it outside instead of indoors.”

“Last story they told me was that there was an overgrown tree in the way (of the mast) and they were waiting for permission from Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust to cut it.”

“They told me it was a mast that needs fixing and they're just waiting for permission. Feels like we’re just being fobbed off.”

“The mast needs rebuilding and that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so I’m going to receive a signal booster box. This is normally £90 but they will waver the cost, but if I’m not at home to receive it I will have to pay £20!”

“I've complained in person three times now and keep being told that if more complain, something ‘is more likely’ to be done. That’s just terrible customer service.”

MyWelshpool is still awaiting a response from EE which we will bring you straight away. Perhaps they have been unable to get through to us?


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