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It’s only a bit of fun says Lookalikes creator

Created on 09/09/2016 @ 05:52
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It’s been described as “offensive” and “sad”, but the creator of the Welshpool Lookalikes page, which is now called Pinewood Lookalikes, says the feedback has been positive.

MyWelshpool has spoken with the page admin online who said his/her identity would remain a secret and promised to keep the lookalikes coming.

The Facebook page, which compares the looks of local characters to often unflattering doppelgangers including film characters, food, animals and even a post box, popped up earlier this week but was soon taken down after being reported.

It surfaced again with a rebrand and toned down content and the person behind it said the purpose of the page was to make people smile, not be angry.

“I don’t want it to be offensive,” they explained in our exchanges on Messenger. “There are far too many problems in this world so I thought it would be a good idea to do something that puts a smile on people’s faces.

“In fact, after I started it I was getting people to suggest their friends and you will notice that people are commenting on their own lookalike pictures and taking it in the spirit it was meant to be.”

However, some believe the page overstepped the mark, especially when it first launched, and reported its content to the social media giant resulting in its suspension.

“I am sorry if there was offence caused but I have only received three complaints and that was from the same person.

“Welshpool is a great town with some great characters and I hope that people enjoy the page in the spirit of why it was created. There will be more to come.”

Despite pushing, the admin refused to give a hint of their identity and said “no one will know who I am”.

In the meantime, more lookalikes have appeared prompting more people to follow the page.

BREAKING NEWS: It’s gone again! It appears Pinewood Lookalikes has fallen foul to the Facebook police and has failed to appear this morning. Will it be back for a third time?


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