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AM's broadband concerns

Created on 02/10/2016 @ 10:52
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The commitment to delivering fast and reliable broadband to properties in Montgomeryshire has been questioned by AM Russell George.

With many home still unable to access good broadband, as well as many businesses, Mr George has campaigned to get the matter sorted under the Welsh Government and BT’s Superfast Cymru broadband programme.

But many communities and properties remain with little or no broadband.

Mr George has now questioned the Welsh Government’s commitment within its Programme for Government 2016-2021.

Mr George said: “Regrettably, the Welsh Government’s Programme for Government contains no targets for delivery, and no detail about the when, where and how it is actually going to deliver its laudable aims of promoting digital connectivity and delivering universal access to fast reliable broadband.
“Despite there being many advancements in Wales’ digital connectivity, there is still a gap in digital coverage in rural Wales. The reality is that 50 per cent of properties in rural Wales still don’t have access to superfast broadband.
“It’s all well and good aspiring to “fast and reliable broadband to every property in Wales” but without any timescales attached to this aim, the commitment only amounts to warm words.
“This week, the final evaluation of the Superfast Cymru programme was published which highlighted some significant concerns, including issues with the availability of historical and forward-looking information for the public on the timetable for the roll-out of superfast broadband. This has been a frustration of literally hundreds of residents who have contacted me about the broadband upgrade over the last few years.
“There is also a total lack of any mention of how the Welsh Government is going to play its part in extending mobile coverage to communities that have no coverage at all, or how it’s going to support better 4G and 5G mobile coverage in rural areas of Powys.
“Access to fast and reliable broadband and seamless mobile coverage is essential for the Mid Wales economy to compete with its urban counterparts but residents in Montgomeryshire are going to remain sceptical unless the Welsh Government commit to firm timescales. We need more action and less talk.”
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