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Half of town’s litter is booze related

Created on 31/07/2017 @ 07:52
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An unbelievable 95% of the litter collected around the town is booze, cigarettes or fast food related, it has been claimed.

The astonishing figure was revealed by campaigners who aim to galvanise the town behind a keep Welshpool tidy campaign that was officially launched on Saturday.

Town councillors, volunteers and businesses are encouraging residents to ‘Ram it in the Bin’ and will be supporting the town’s street scene team in keeping the town’s streets tidy. It is also believed that the Town Council will start lobbying the Welsh Government about the way items are packaged.

“It is a sad fact but 50% of litter is alcohol related, 25% is smoking related, 20% is fast food with only 5% being everything else,” said Town Clerk, Robert Robinson.

“The campaign was launched on Saturday and many shops have signed up to help by keeping their part of the street clean. The Town Council street scene team will continue its work to keep Welshpool as tidy as it can but, remember, if everyone living in Welshpool drops one bit of litter a day that is 7,000 bits to clear up.

“Please use the bins, there are lots of them and watch out for the ‘Supporting Welshpool Litter Campaign’ stickers in the shop windows to see who is helping over the next few weeks.


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