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Local hospital reform to cost £200m

Created on 21/11/2017 @ 12:16
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Montgomeryshire MP, Glyn Davies, has stated that there are two further crucial steps involved before a final decision can be reached over the reform of NHS structures serving Shropshire and Mid Wales.

Mr. Davies, who has campaigned for reform of the main NHS Hospitals serving both Shropshire & Montgomeryshire for many years, has welcomed the recent progress made towards necessary changes. He says there are now two further major steps needed before building works can start on the ground.

These include Treasury support in agreeing to fund the reforms, which has been estimated at approximately £200 million, and the engagement of individual members of the public in responding to the formal public consultation over the options of NHS reform, which is due to begin shortly.

Commenting on his campaign strategy for taking forward the locally ‘preferred’ model of reform, Mr Davies said:

“For about 20 years, I’ve campaigned for reform of the structure of the main hospitals serving Shropshire and Mid Wales. Throughout the whole of that time, we have known that Shropshire and Mid Wales can only support just one major A&E trauma unit, and that it should be based at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The population base will not support A&E units at both Shrewsbury and Telford. Because of poor leadership and some deeply unwise previous decisions, it’s taken far too long to reach our present position. But finally, we are on the verge of success.

“At long last the process of deciding on the best way forward is nearing its conclusion. During the next few days, a 14-week public consultation will be launched. Crucially, it will be on the basis of a ‘Preferred Option’ – namely that the new centralised A&E trauma unit will be built at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. I will be holding public meetings around Montgomeryshire to offer help and advice to my constituents. Meetings will be advertised in the local press.

“The second remaining major challenge is securing the £200 million funding that the reform will cost. I have already written to Health Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt to emphasise the importance of this reform to Shropshire and Mid Wales. I will also raise the issue in the budget debate. After so much frustration, I have a feeling of excitement and anticipation that a reform, hugely important to my constituents and which I’ve worked to see happen, has finally reached its last lap. It’s still too early to drink the champagne to celebrate, but it may be time to buy in a few bottles.”


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