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Newtown curb boy racers, is Welshpool next?

Created on 06/02/2018 @ 20:18
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Newtown Police have targeted known hotspots to tackle antisocial driving, following several reports in recent weeks, and local residents will be asking: Will Welshpool follow suit?

Noise and aggressive driving have been the primary concern for residents, who identified the town centre and Back Lane car park as problem areas.

In Welshpool, there have been complaints that youngsters are using the one-way system as a race track at times.

Newtown Sergeant, David Steer, said: “Over the past few weeks we have received several reports of noise and aggressive driving in the town centre and Back Lane car park, which has become a meeting point in the evenings. We had three calls from different people on Tuesday night in to Wednesday morning alone. 

“We have stepped up patrols over the past few weeks and it appears most people are driving responsibly, however many of their exhausts have been modified to give them a deeper sound, making it sound like they are driving aggressively.

“Roads Policing Unit officers have started examining the cars with noisy exhausts and taking action where appropriate. On Saturday three drivers were reported for having defective exhausts. A further four have been reported since then, bringing the total to seven.

“One driver was caught sliding his car and performing doughnuts on a police officer’s body worn video camera and reported for driving without due care and attention, though he does appear to be the exception.

“As well as enforcement, officers have been engaging with the drivers, explaining the reason for the police activity and seeking their cooperation to address noise nuisance.”

Anyone with concerns about crime or antisocial behaviour can report it by calling Newtown Police on 101, or visiting the Police Station.

PICTURE: Owain Betts.

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