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Tracking down a WW1 hero

Created on 21/03/2018 @ 07:49
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An organisation responsible for chronicling the history of British Army Children have put out a request to our readers for help.

The organisation has contacted us with this picture of a Welshpool family, but their identity is unknown and they want your help so it can be added to their ‘The Army Children of the First World War: Faces & Families’ project.

“It’s a long shot but we hope your readers can help,” said a spokesperson. “We know from the details emblazoned across the bottom right-hand corner of this real photographic postcard that the studio that produced it was ‘Anderson / Welshpool'.

“A family of five are portrayed in the studio. At the front sits a girl in a lacy dress, with her two brothers standing behind her, no doubt dressed in their best. They are flanked by their parents. Their soldier-father holds a swagger stick across his knees. His cap badge is that of a fusiliers’ regiment, perhaps the Royal Welch Fusiliers.”

If you have any information, contact or you can tweet them @ArmyChildren.


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