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Redwoods remain open to local walkers

Created on 04/05/2021 @ 11:16


The Royal Forestry Society has clarified to MyWelshpool that access to Leighton Redwoods will remain open to local walkers, but due to increased numbers of visitors the car park will be closed to non-members.

The stunning location, which is officially called the Charles Ackers Redwood Grove, has become increasingly popular as more people visited for exercise through the pandemic.

It had been one of our best kept secrets, but sadly with the increase in visitors came a rise in anti-social behaviour, litter and damage to the spectacular trees.

This morning, a spokesperson for RFS said: “The Charles Ackers Redwood Grove is a unique and important stand of coast redwoods – one of the largest in Europe - and needs to be carefully maintained and protected. It is privately owned and managed by the Royal Forestry Society.

“Due to rising numbers of visitors, there has been an increase in damage to the trees, to the access infrastructure and an increase in littering.

“To protect the woodland, we have closed vehicular access to all but members. We recognise and appreciate the support of local people for these amazing trees and have therefore ensured that free pedestrian access remains open for those who live locally.

“For residents of Leighton and Forden with blue badges we can make special agreements to provide vehicular access.”

The spokesperson went on the post out that membership of the society helps to pay for the maintenance of these amazing woodlands.

You can join via

If you have a blue badge, contact

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