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Estyn praise for Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng

Created on 23/06/2022 @ 12:36

A Welshpool school has been singled out for praise in an Estyn Report for best practice in relation to immersing learners in the Welsh language.

Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng was praised for interacting with parents and carers to promote syntactical patterns - a form of pattern recognition, in which each object can be represented by a variable-cardinality set of symbolic, nominal features.

This includes sending a weekly pamphlet home to promote specific syntactical patterns.

A range of vocabulary and syntactical patterns are introduced that are planned purposefully in everyday contexts, such as ‘how to set the table’ or ‘discuss today’s weather’. Leaders practise the patterns in a series of activities with the aim of using them at home by the end of the week.

They learn these patterns by using familiar nursery rhymes or fun songs. Then, learners practise them by repeating the rhyme or song spontaneously in an area or corner of the classroom and beyond with increasing independence.

Learners then record the syntactical patterns in the form of a script and create a film to be used at home, before presenting it to parents/carers with the pamphlet.

As a result, learners and parents use the Welsh language increasingly naturally at home. All members of the family hear correct vocabulary and syntactical patterns

Head Teacher Angharad Davies was delighted to see the school singled out in the Estyn document. “Welsh language education is becoming a natural choice for so many. This highlights that by accessing excellent immersion techniques, everybody can learn the language to become bilingual or even multilingual,” she said.

“At Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng we offer exciting teaching and learning experiences and the children and staff are always full of creativity and energy. Our children are fully bilingual due to our love of languages.”

Angela Marck, a non-Welsh speaking parent of pupils at the school told MyWelshpool: “When at school my children use the Welsh language, not only in the classroom, which is obviously a big part but also with other key members of the school when they are having lunch or out at break time.

“Welsh culture, music and history is a big part of the curriculum and my children can often be heard singing Welsh songs around the house or listening to Welsh music.

“Sending my children to a Welsh school has been the best decision I have ever made as a parent and I wish I would have had the opportunity as a child.

“I also think the work that Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng is doing to promote the Welsh language, not only in the school but in our local community is fantastic. I love hearing my children talk Welsh to people in the community when we are out and about too.”

Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng is currently situated on Red Bank but is due to move to a new location in Howell Drive after the Summer break - on the site of the former Ysgol Maesydre.

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