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Juro sends pulses racing again

Created on 01/01/2018 @ 10:10

Test Drive by Graham Breeze

Mitsubishi sent pulses racing in the motoring world when revealing the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid and things are now even better.

Now there’s a revised Outlander PHEV Juro - the range-topping version of the popular off-roader - benefitting from enhanced specification, comfort and safety. 

The Outlander already accounts for over 50 per cent of sales in the EV and PHEV sector in Europe, selling even better than in Japan and its arrival a couple of years back jettisoned Mitsubishi back into the sales charts.

At launch the PHEV was the only plug-in hybrid SUV on the market and it quickly caught the imagination of the SUV faithful, qualifying for the government’s encouragement subsidy for electric car buyers.

Unbelievable fuel economy figures and miniscule CO2 levels guaranteed a BIK tax rate of just 5 per cent which quickly made the Outlander a top option for the company car driver too.

Now the upgraded Outlander PHEV Juro gets Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Auto Hold, Smartphone Link Display Audio with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; DAB and a reversing camera. 

There’s also EV Priority Mode, allowing the driver to operate the car using only the electric motor without starting the engine. That gives you a pure electric driving range of 33 miles and CO2 emissions of just 41g/km, the best in the business – that also means the Outlander PHEV Juro qualifies for low VED car tax.

Mitsubishi claims an average weighted fuel consumption of 166 mpg, and it’s fair to say that after a week of careful motoring the fuel gauge had barely moved thanks to having a charging point fitted to my home.

As far a s technology goes this is easily Mitsbishi’s best effort with a Smartphone Link Display Audio system supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allowing drivers to connect their phone into their car to use their apps alongside navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and hands-free phone system.

Top of this test driver’s list of features is the new Mitsubishi PHEV app which connects with your car allowing you to heat the interior before you get in the car – a particularly welcome addition on a cold winter’s morning.

Mitsubishi could probably have done a bit more to make the cab a more attractive proposition. Everything is in the right place and controls are clear but we’re living in a world where expectation levels are high and the Juro didn’t really offer anything to remember.

But you can’t help but be impressed by the ownership benefits of the Juro. Reliability levels have never been an issue for Mitsubishi and with a five-year warranty and outstanding tax advantages, particularly for company car man, this is a car that’s hard to ignore.

It’s well priced too from £33,499 after the Plug-in Car Grant but the major downside is still the lack of recharging points. I don’t know of one in a 10 mile radius of the one at my home for instance – perhaps I just recognised a business opportunity.

And now there’s an even better reason to buy Outlander because Mitsubishi  is encouraging customers to scrap their older, higher-emission vehicle and purchase a new, low-emission PHEV by launching a scrappage scheme.

Customers trading in a vehicle with EU1 to EU4 emissions specifications, registered before January 2010, are eligible to participate and to reinforce Mitsubishi’s commitment to a more sustainable future - the largest allowance of £4,000 is given to customers wishing to buy the ultra-low emission Outlander PHEV.

By choosing this advanced 4x4 SUV customers will not only benefit from CO2 emissions of 41g/km and up to 166 mpg but also a £4,000 scrappage allowance as well the £2,500 plug-in car grant (PiCG) for a total saving of £6,500.

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