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X-Factor’s Reece goes it alone

Created on 08/10/2020 @ 07:35


Local lad Reece Wiltshire-Fessey has spoken for the first time about his life since he took prime time television by storm on X-Factor: The Band last December.

The likable 20-year-old from Llansantffraid, who previously lived in Guilsfield, gave a mesmerising rendition of Taylor Swift’s Lover which left judges Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger gob smacked.

He eventually secured a place in the boy band Unwritten Rule, which lost a head-to-head final with girl band, Real Like You.

During the show, Scherzinger said: “Usually I can tell in the first couple of seconds if someone has it. I see something in your eyes. You have something about you.”

And Cowell added: “You really care about this don't you? You’re smart, really likable.”

But the past year has had its ups and downs for Reece, who has bounced back with a new solo album and the promise of more in the New Year.

We caught up with him to find out what he has been up to.

This is the first time we have connected with you since X-Factor: The Band… how has it gone?

It’s been pretty crazy to say the least, well, before Covid-19 kicked in anyway! Me and the lads (Unwritten Rule - pictured) were in the studio in London working on our first single and Covid locked everything down so we couldn’t finish it!

As time went by, we were all writing our own material and we had a FaceTime with each other. We agreed it’d be best if we went down our own creative routes and then went our own way officially in June.

Do you prefer to be a solo artist rather than part of a band?

As fun as X Factor: The Band was and being in the studio with the lads was great, there’s just an unbeatable feeling you can’t match when you’re writing and producing in your own bedroom.

How has Covid-19 impacted your career?

Covid-19 flipped the direction of my career entirely. I could’ve been working on a project in a boy band but instead I’ve just put out my second solo project. 2020 has really been a crazy year!

Tell us about the new album?

It started at the beginning of lockdown, when you could literally go nowhere!

I was in and out of all the cities, going to concerts and posting on social media. When I heard that I couldn’t go anywhere, I thought it was a great opportunity for writing and producing my next project. 2020 - The Album (pictured) was all produced on my iPhone SE in my bedroom as I couldn’t go to a studio to record any of it. I’m really proud of how it turned out considering I didn’t leave my house to make it!

It’s had a really positive response online. People have said how much I’ve improved since the last project, which is always a positive! But yeah, I’m happy with how people have received it.

Has Simon Cowell/The programme producers provided support to you since the X-Factor?

After the show, we were kind of left to our own devices! We had studio sessions set up through our lawyer at the time but when lockdown happened, we were all left. It was a blessing really as this project has been the result of it.

What next?

I’ve got a few cool things planned for next year that I can’t speak on as of yet, but be assured that there will be really good music as a result of it!

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