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Local lad becomes unwitting national celebrity

Created on 19/08/2010 @ 21:53


It was without doubt one of the most iconic images of the year to date which warmed the hearts of millions on Sunday.Matthew Shortt from Guilsfield
A member of the Royal Navy, returning home after four months at sea, resplendent in full uniform receiving a ‘welcome home’ kiss on the lips from his little daughter. It just so happens that the sailor is from Guilsfield whose sister was used for a ‘face of the navy’ TV campaign last year!
Matthew Shortt’s mobile phone was red hot on Sunday morning after friends and family picked up the News of the World and other newspapers to see the 28 year-old’s image. More was to come too as ITV aired an interview with the Leading Physical Trainer that night.
“I did not know about it until the phone started ringing,” he said. “It’s always very emotional when you get home after a long tour but even more so now with the little one. It feels so good to be back!”
LPT Shortt has been in the Royal Navy for over 10 years and his latest tour of duty was on board the flagship HMS Ark Royal which spent four months sailing down the east coast of the USA and Canada. The dock side picture was taken in Portsmouth where he now lives with wife Calley and daughter Caitlyn.
Despite a grueling schedule on his last tour, he did manage time to meet some big names along the way.
“When we were off Halifax, Canada, we had the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on board who I found to be a really nice bloke. Really down to earth,” he said.
LPT Shortt is well known locally and is a former goalkeeper with Guilsfield Football Club. One of his main responsibilities now is ensuring the personnel on board’s fitness is ship-shape. The Royal Navy has enabled him to see the world but he can now look forward to six weeks holiday, especially with the addition of daughter No. 2 expected in two weeks.
The Shortt family is no stranger to the limelight. Younger sister Mel was the action girl featured in last year’s Royal Navy television commercial. Older brother Martin is also in the navy.
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