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A&E plea from “extremely busy” Shrewsbury hospital

Created on 10/11/2020 @ 14:19
%3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3e%26nbsp%3b%3c/p%3e %3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3e%3cstrong%3e%3cimg alt%3d%22%22 src%3d%22https%3a// style%3d%22width%3a 241px%3b height%3a 181px%3b float%3a right%3b%22 /%3eThe Royal Shrewsbury Hospital has put out an urgent plea for people to only attend its A%26amp%3bE department if it is an emergency after declaring it is %26ldquo%3bextremely busy%26rdquo%3b.%3c/strong%3e%3c/p%3e %3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3eThe hospital%2c which services the Welshpool area%2c is asking for patience for those attending and telling people with minor injuries and illnesses to seek treatment elsewhere.%3c/p%3e %3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3e%26ldquo%3bThere are a range of other services which may be able to treat your condition more appropriately and more quickly%2c%26rdquo%3b the hospital stated.%3c/p%3e %3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3e%26ldquo%3bMore information about your options for urgent care can be found on our website %28%3ca href%3d%22https%3a// style%3d%22color%3a %230b4cb4%3b%22%3ehttps%3a// %3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3e%26ldquo%3bWe would also like to remind attendees that visiting is currently suspended%2c so anyone accompanying a patient to A%26amp%3bE will be asked to wait outside or go home%2c unless you are%3a a carer for a vulnerable patient%2c or interpreter%3b a parent or guardian for children aged under 18%3b support where the patient has a mental health issue such as dementia%2c a learning disability or autism%2c where not being present would cause the patient to be distressed%3b patients receiving end of life care.%26rdquo%3b%3c/p%3e %3cp style%3d%22color%3a %23000000%3b margin-bottom%3a 0px%3b%22%3eOnly last month%2c the hospital was fined %26pound%3b4%2c000 because it failed to comply with national clinical guidance that all children and adults must be assessed within 15 minutes of arrival at its A%26amp%3bE.%3c/p%3e %3cdiv%3e%3cbr /%3e%3c/div%3e %3cp%3e%26nbsp%3b%3c/p%3e
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