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Local litter lout fined

Created on 12/11/2020 @ 07:35


A motorist has been fined after CCTV caught a passenger throwing McDonald’s rubbish out of their car window near Rodney’s Pillar.

Footage released by Powys County Council shows the rubbish being chucked out of the car at speed and onto the driveway of a home in Criggion (pictured), which had an operational CCTV system.

The offence was reported to the council’s waste awareness and enforcement team.

Although the registration details of the vehicle couldn’t be seen in the video, a receipt found in the discarded bag traced the purchase back to the McDonald's drive through in Shrewsbury.

Further CCTV evidence, provided by the restaurant, clearly showed the vehicle purchasing the meal. The registered keeper of the vehicle was then traced via the DVLA.

The suspect, who has not been named and is only said to be from North Powys, was interviewed under caution and, once confronted with the CCTV footage, made a full confession. They were subsequently given a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Cllr Heulwen Hulme, Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste, said: “This case is a great example of how we, as the county council, will go to great lengths to crack down on anti-social behaviour such as littering.

“Roadside litter can be a real blight on our countryside which not only impacts on the beauty of our local communities, but also has devastating effects on our environment and wildlife. Clearing up after irresponsible litterers is also costly and a dangerous job on busy roads.

“It is a criminal offence under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to drop, throw or otherwise deposit, litter, and I am pleased that the council has acted appropriately by issuing this fine. I know most residents feel strongly about this problem and they will be reassured that this action encourages more people to take their rubbish home and throw it away, or recycle it, properly.”

Members of the public are urged to report any incidences of littering which they witness to the council’s waste awareness and enforcement team.



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