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Welshpool doctors to start second doses

Created on 06/04/2021 @ 14:59


Welshpool Medical Centre will start to administer second doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from next week for those who received their first at the practice.

With concerns that many have not been showing up for second doses at the vaccine centre in Newtown, the local health officials are keen to stress the importance of attending.

“Is it very important that you attend your second dose on the date and time you were given,” said a spokesperson. “You will find your second appointment date and time on your Covid vaccination card. The Practice are being allocated a number doses by Powys Local Health Board which matches the number of patients due their second dose. Therefore, every dose is allocated to a named patient and there are no spare doses." 

Covid vaccines are stored in multi-dose vials which perish quickly after being opened so it makes it very difficult logistically for them to change appointment times and provide follow up vaccines to those who do not attend. 

In addition, it is advised by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation that second doses are given within 12 weeks following the first dose. 

“Cancelling or re-arranging an appointment will delay delivery of your second dose beyond the recommended 12 weeks,” said the spokesperson.

"We understand there are exceptional circumstances whereby patients are unable to attend appointments and, as a Practice, we will do our best to accommodate.”

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