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Guilsfield Community Centre future remains in limbo

Created on 21/07/2021 @ 10:29


Hopes that the wrangles affecting the future of Guilsfield Community Centre and its recreation fields had been resolved appear to be dashed this morning with the situation still up in the air.

A group of local volunteer trustees have been working with the Charity Commission to find a workable solution after the facility came within a whisker of closing three years ago.

The problems centre around decisions made in the past, including question marks over land ownership, but following a long process and a public consultation, it appeared that a solution had been found.

But the proposal put forward by the trustees, supported by users of the facilities, have not been accepted by the Charity Commission who told us that they will continue to work with the trustees to find a solution.

However, one trustee we spoke to last night appeared agitated that the new delays meant more work and expenditure on legal fees for the volunteer group. 

“The Charity Commission, having reconsidered the advice they gave to the trustees last summer prior to the public consultation, have now put another process to the trustees as a possible solution,” he said.

“This will involve significant further work by the trustees, further delay and necessitate taking more in-depth legal advice. It is very frustrating when we felt that we had followed the previous advice to the letter. If only we could expend this energy on developing the facilities, everyone in the village would be in a much happier position.”

We asked the Charity Commission why we appear to be no closer to a solution and a spokesperson said: “We are aware of the considerable local concern about the future of the Guilsfield Community Centre. The plans for the centre are a matter for the trustees. The Charity Commission has been engaged with the new plans and remains available to the trustees in our capacity to offer advice.”

In the meantime, the numerous clubs and organisations that use the facilities will continue to hope that a solution can be found soon.


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