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Councillors object to removal of "No Entry" signs plan

Created on 27/07/2021 @ 20:40

Welshpool’s County and Town Councillors will object to Powys County Council proposals to remove a “No Entry” sign close to the town centre.

County Councillors Graham Breeze, Phil Pritchard and Francesca Jump along with Welshpool Town Council representatives have expressed disappointment at moves to remove the signs at the junction with Union Street and Church Street.

The councillors had been involved in the decision making processes around changes to the town’s one-way system which involved replacing the temporary “No Entry” signs with permanent ones.

“It came as a big shock to hear that officers were proposing to take away the signs completely without any consultation with County Councillors or the Town Council,” said Cllr Breeze.

“I quickly arranged a meeting of all concerned, including Powys Council officers, and we have strongly expressed opinions that the permanent signs should be erected as soon as possible.”

Welshpool Town Council’s planning committee discussed the issue on June 23 and decided to write to Powys County Council expressing member objections and calling for the signs to become permanent.

Powys County Council’s Head of Highways, Matthew Perry,  attended the meeting and has agreed to revisit the decision along with the officers concerned. A decision is still awaited.

“We believe that removing the “No Entry” signs will introduce an element of real danger,” said Cllr Breeze.

“It was made abundantly clear to officers that councillors would not be held responsible should there be a serious accident at the junction as a result of removing the signs. It’s really a matter of common sense.

“Only in recent weeks Powys County Council has been forced to increase the size of “No Entry” signs into Church Street from The Cross because motorists were ignoring the old ones. Could someone please tell me what the difference is here.”

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