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‘The abuse of medical centre staff has to stop!’

Created on 22/10/2021 @ 10:37


Another local medical practice has issued a strongly worded statement to warn patients that the abuse of staff has to stop.

Doctors surgeries have reported a rise in abuse targeting staff, with Covid restrictions and Flu clinics limiting the access that patients have had in person with GPs.

But Llanfyllin Group Practice has highlighted the fact that that they have been “under greater pressure than ever before” and said that they are receiving over 600 calls every single day, treble the pre-Covid workload of around 200.

“Sadly we need to report that our team are experiencing unacceptable abuse on a daily basis from an increasing number of patients,” the practice has revealed. 

“Our team are facing verbal aggression, physical threats and patients venting their frustrations and it has to stop.

“Our practice team have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to maintain a level of service that we are extremely proud of as a practice and we will not tolerate abuse in any form being directed to our team members.

“Our resources have not increased to meet this demand and the extra pressure is being absorbed by our already tired team.

“We have remained open throughout the Covid pandemic. We see every patient on the day that needs a clinically urgent appointment and our list does not finish at 5.30pm, it finishes when the last patient has been seen. This can be frequently late in the evening for a team that have worked from 7.30am.”

The statement goes on to highlight that they are in the middle of “delivering the largest flu campaign ever at the practice” with vaccine supply issues being out of their hands.

“Our team who already work all week have worked on their weekends to deliver these vaccines as quickly and efficiently as they can to patients and to be abused whilst doing so is utterly demoralising.”

The practice has delivered thousands of Covid vaccines to patients this year alongside its daily medical services.

“We are now at the stage where we have team members frequently in tears due to the rudeness and aggression of some patients, team members dread coming into work and facing a day of taking calls from patients who shout or abuse them.

“This is demoralising our team to the extent they no longer feel valued, appreciated and cannot face coming into work for another day of abuse.”

The statement goes on to warn that any abusive patient will be immediately reported to the Partners and management team and potentially removed from the Practice list.


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