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"Alarming" pictures of articulated timber lorry

Created on 17/01/2022 @ 15:48

Images posted on social media today of an articulated lorry travelling the wrong way down a Welshpool street have been described as “alarming”.

The images of a loaded timber lorry in Church Street this morning were posted on Facebook by Julie Williamson and have been forwarded to Powys Highways team by Powys County Councillor Graham Breeze.

“I have received numerous complaints in the last few weeks of vehicles travelling the wrong way down Church Street but this one really does take the biscuit and is alarming on all kinds of safety grounds,” said the councillor.

“The signage at The Cross was made much bigger last year in a move to prevent this sort of thing happening and there really is no excuse for drivers who are not seeing the signs.

“Most of this is simply driver error and in some cases deliberate,” he added. “When I spoke to a van driver who had travelled the wrong way recently he said it saved him going all the way around the one-way system to get to Puzzle Square that’s simply not on.

“Some Sat-Nav systems may also be out of date and not be showing the changes to the town’s road network but there is no excuse for ignoring No Entry signs. I really fear a serious incident will happen if this does not stop.”

The councillor has asked Powys County Council to investigate.

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