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Easter bunny slaughter

Created on 20/04/2022 @ 09:37

A distraught family is demanding answers after someone let their rabbits loose on Easter Sunday to face an awful death at the hands of predators.

The Welshpool family behind Mollie’s Sweet Shops has been left distressed and angry after discovering that a side hobby, Welshpool Bunnies, had been wiped out by the callous action of trespassers.

Becky Price said that the grizzly scene that greeted them on Monday morning was “unthinkable” with all 14 bunnies slaughtered by predators, probably foxes, after being let out at some point early evening on Sunday.

“The person(s) that did this had let the bunnies (14 of them) out of the castle and shut the door again so that they couldn’t get back in,” Becky told us.

“We locked them in at 4.45pm Sunday afternoon and upon returning Monday morning we were hit with the devastation.

“When looking at our camera that catches the corner of the bunnies enclosure, they were let out at 6.54pm as we can then see them darting about.

“The person(s) responsible seem to have evaded our CCTV, so we would like to appeal to anyone for any information to come forward.”

The bunnies were living in the specially-made castle at the Mollie’s warehouse on the Severn Farm Industrial Estate.

Becky said that the area (pictured) is completely private but they had recently welcomed groups of disadvantaged school children from the Midlands, and were hoping that they would return in the future.

“The children and teachers were delighted and this became the highlight of their day,” she said. “We promised them that they could come back, but unfortunately this is now not the case and next time the teacher contacts us, we will have to decline.

“It is just shocking and devastating to think someone can do this, and what we came down to yesterday morning was, well, just unthinkable.”

The family is now appealing to anyone driving or walking in the area around 6.45pm on Sunday night to report anything suspicious or to check dash cam footage. They can be contacted at


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