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Police: No charge over graveyard video

Created on 21/04/2022 @ 19:45


Welshpool police will be stepping up patrols at a local cemetery, but said they will not be charging anyone in connection with a bizarre video posted on Snapchat last week.

The video, showing a teenager directing crude remarks at a gravestone after leaving a ‘rollie’ cigarette on it, enraged the family of the deceased man who called it “disgusting”.

However the local force said that a crime had not been committed.

A spokesperson said: “Police received a report on April 12 of anti-social behaviour in Maesgwastad Cemetery, Welshpool. Enquiries were made into the incident which resulted in no criminal offences being identified.

“The person who reported the incident has been updated.

“The area will be patrolled by local officers to prevent further anti-social behaviour.”

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