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Putin bans Glyn from Russia

Created on 27/04/2022 @ 16:29

Russia’s intelligence services have dropped another clanger after banning Glyn Davies from entering the country, not realising he was no longer Montgomeryshire’s MP!

The Kremlin announced this afternoon that it was banning 287 lawmakers as part of its response to British sanctions, but several on the list, including Mr Davies, are no longer serving MPs.

Russia's foreign ministry said the sanctions on members of the House of Commons were in response to Britain imposing similar restrictions on 386 members of its own lower house of parliament on March 11.

One former lawmaker, Dominic Grieve, even appears twice.

They are all accused of contributing to the “groundless whipping up of Russophobic hysteria in the UK”, a foreign ministry statement said.

Mr Davies laughed it off stating: “Not sure if this is because I was an MP or because I’m currently chair of Welsh Conservative Party. Whatever, I hope this honour will qualify me for some sort of medal that I can wear in Montgomeryshire with pride!”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drawn international condemnation and poor tactical planning and intelligence has resulted in a re-think to concentrate efforts on a land grab to the east of the country instead.

Way back in 2011, MyWelshpool ran a scoop revealing that a declassified government document showed that the former communications site at Criggion, which lay in the shadows of Rodney’s Pillar, topped the list of Russian targets with four 500-kiliton bombs primed and pointed to obliterate everything within its vicinity, including Welshpool just six miles away.

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