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Plaid Cymru: ‘changing the attitude and outlook’

Created on 04/05/2022 @ 07:44

In the interests of fairness and neutrality, the Local Democracy Reporting Service has asked each political party leader in Powys to provide one last pitch to try and secure your vote tomorrow. All other parties are featured on the site.

Elwyn Vaughan, Plaid Cymru: 

With a dozen candidates standing across Powys, a record number for Plaid Cymru, the party have a chance to increase their numbers and, if they taste election success, they could have a say on who runs the council.

Plaid Cymru believe they can be a strong voice for rural communities and their leader in Powys, Elwyn Vaughan, explains what he hopes to achieve for the county over the next five years.

Mr Vaughan said: “The first thing we want to see changing is attitude and outlook.

“We want a positive Powys, one that is committed to working with communities, truly work with others rather than pay lip service, one that wants to innovate yet emphasise the local, be it in housing, food, employment or economic opportunities.

“We want a Powys with a positive narrative, one that celebrates the fact that we are at the heart of Wales, one that sees ourselves as a Celtic knot tying the rest of Wales together rather than constantly complaining that we’re a gap between north and south.

“One that wants to play as much a part in the future of Wales as it has historically contributed to it. In doing so we would prioritise:

  • Campaign for affordable homes for local people in the area
  • Improve and develop local opportunities for independent businesses to strengthen the local economy
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring that public sector food procurement is local, seasonal and sustainable and that new housing stock is to a high environmental standard
  • Support rural schools, support networking, shared resources and innovation
  • Deliver the free school meals commitment and support families in these hard times

“We want a caring council, one that listens, works positively with others and proud to be an integral part of Wales.”

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