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Full marks for Canal Triathlon

Created on 11/05/2022 @ 11:19

The 10th Montgomery Canal Triathlon has been hailed as a huge success after dozens of participants from across the country completed the 27-mile event on Saturday.

Local dignitaries were in attendance in both Welshpool and Newtown, from where it started, as participants tackled a 12-mile bike, 5½ miles by canoe and then 9½ miles on foot.

Incredibly, just one person from the entry field didn’t give the event the full 100% at the finish line survey, with more than 100 volunteer marshals also reporting back positively.

Christine Palin, chairman of the Friends of the Montgomery Canal said: “We have been able to hold a ‘normal’ Triathlon for the first time in three years.

“This year, entrants have come from across the country, many returning because they have been before or coming because they have heard of it from people who have.

“They all compliment us on the event, so much that in our satisfaction survey at the finish only one person gave us less than 100%. We had about 100 volunteer marshals helping with transport, or at locks and road crossings, and so many of them have said too how much they enjoyed the event.

“The first participant finished in under 3½ hours but others were arriving over 4 hours later. 

But that doesn’t matter, because the Triathlon attracts groups of family or friends as much as people who are more seriously athletic.

“There is a serious side to the Triathlon: we want people to learn about the Montgomery Canal and the area it runs through, and to see what has been achieved and what still has to be done to take the restoration forward. 

“The Triathlon finished at Schoolhouse Bridge, the last road blockage on the canal in Shropshire. A team of volunteers has been working for some time to rebuild this bridge: they have completed the formalities for the work and are raising the final funds for the project through an appeal which has been supported by people across the country and we were delighted with the donations in our appeal collection buckets on the day as, like other donations to the appeal each £1 will be matched to double the amount for the appeal fund.”

Entrants were presented with a locally-made polished slate medallion, coloured gold if all three sections were completed, with silver and bronze coloured medallions for two or one section.

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