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Get set for another fight against pylons

Created on 18/06/2022 @ 09:39


Montgomeryshire politicians are warning local residents that we may be facing another fight to stop large pylons after two new local wind farm applications were submitted.

The issue was massive 10 years ago when the area galvanised to successfully fight plans for massive pylons that would have linked Montgomeryshire wind farms to the national grid.

And it appears that we have another fight on our hands after Craig Williams MP, and Russell George, MS, reconfirmed their opposition to any large pylon infrastructure in response to several pre-application plans for “large scale windfarm development” within Montgomeryshire.

Both have expressed their severe concerns about the proposals which includes Garn Fach south of Newtown, as well as initial plans for a similarly large development south of Llanfair Caereinion.

Their concerns include the height specification of turbines and the fact that there is currently no National Grid infrastructure capable of collecting and distributing generated power.

This would likely trigger a review by the National Grid to re-examine their plans for a potential electricity hub at Cefn Coch. The proposal would also require the erection of 400kV lattice pylons linking the hub to the main grid in Shropshire.

“Russell and I were briefed yesterday about initial plans to build a large-scale wind farm south of Llanfair Caereinion,” said Mr Williams.

“I have multiple concerns about the proposals, which would include the erection of 14, 200-meter-high wind turbines. Such developments, alongside other applications like Garn Fach, would almost certainly require grid connection.

“I am seeking an urgent meeting with UK Ministers to gain clarification over Government policies regarding these proposals, given that there is no current grid capacity and which would therefore trigger National Grid intervention.

“These proposals would bring years of stress and disruption to our communities, blighting our wonderous landscapes with large turbines and pylons, which will be driven through localities in Mid Wales. Montgomeryshire’s residents have already been unanimous in their opposition to large pylon infrastructure.”

Mr George added: “I can’t support a windfarm development proposal without knowing how the generated energy is going to be connected to the National Grid.

“Residents across Mid Wales have expressed their views on large pylon infrastructure. We know that such infrastructure would be bad for the local tourism industry. Our landscapes are our unique selling point, and any proposals, such as those we had from National Grid a decade ago, will once again be firmly rejected.”

The highlight of the local resistance to the pylons 10 years ago was a march from Welshpoool all the way to the Senedd in Cardiff.


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