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County Council slammed for the state of Welshpool

Created on 03/08/2022 @ 08:00

Powys County Council has been slammed by a Welshpool Town Councillor for the state of the town after taking back responsibilities for keeping it tidy.

Due to budgetary issues, the town council handed the ‘Street Scene’ work back to the regional authority during the pandemic, but it has not been good enough, according to veteran councillor, Phil Pritchard.

Discussing an invitation for councillors to join a community litter pick at the monthly full meeting, Cllr Pritchard said: “The reason for these litter picks is because of the state of our town, and it really isn’t good at the moment.

“Since we have given the Street Scene back to Powys County Council, this town has gone from being very, very tidy to very, very untidy and I think we can pass our comments back to Powys to say ‘I’m sorry, you should be doing more for this town in terms of keeping it tidy and clean’,” he said.

“It’s great to help out and do a litter pick and this, that and the other, and we all want to get involved, but at the end of the day, Powys County Council should be keeping this town in a far better state than they are at the moment.

The town council left it to individual councillors to decide if they wish to join the litter pick this Friday, being organised by Ponthafren and the rugby club, but even the Mayor admitted to being frustrated with the mentality of a small minority in the town. 

“It would of course help if people put it in the bin to start with instead of expecting someone else to pick it up!” said Cllr Alison Davies. “Some people just blindly throw their rubbish around and we’ve got to stop it.”

Cllr Harry Evans explained that the day would be “much more than a litter pick” and that volunteers would be tidying footpaths and other areas of the town.


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