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Council vote not to hold August meeting

Created on 05/08/2022 @ 09:42


Welshpool Town Council will not be holding a monthly meeting in August, despite one councillor insisting “it has always happened”.

August is generally a quiet month for councillors, with no meetings scheduled, but whilst setting the dates for next meetings in September, Cllr Phil Pritchard asked for August to be added.

“We don’t have any committee meetings in August to give everybody a break, but at the end of August we have always had a full council meeting to have an update of what has happened in the month that we don’t know anything about,” said Cllr Pritchard.

Town Clerk, Anne Wilson, said that there would be a planning meeting held in the month if needed, but no there was no need for full council as “there is not a lot going on”.

“But that’s not what we always had!” claimed Cllr Pritchard. “We always had the full council meeting at the end of August.”

Ms Wilson pointed out that in her three years with the council, there had never been an August meeting.

Cllr Pritchard asked for it to be voted on, but he lost by 5-4 with three abstentions, so the next full council meeting will be September 28.

Dates of next Town Council meetings:

  • Strategy, Policy and Development Committee – Wednesday 7th September 2022 6.30pm
  • Services and Property Committee – Wednesday 7th September 2022 7.15pm
  • Planning Committee – Wednesday 14th September 2022 6.30pm
  • Staffing and HR Committee – Wednesday 14th September 2022 7.15pm
  • Events and Tourism Committee – Wednesday 21st September 2022 6.30pm
  • Finance Committee – Wednesday 21st September 2022 7.15pm
  • Planning Committee – Wednesday 28th September 2022 6.30pm
  • Full Council Meeting – Wednesday 28th September 2022 7.15pm

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