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Campaigners’ last chance saloon

Created on 26/10/2011 @ 17:48


A large number of the Welshpool babies of the future will be born in Telford after Shropshire Health Chiefs press ahead with their plans to move all consultant maternity and paediatric inpatient services from Shrewsbury.
But campaigners say they will not be moved, and have launched one final bid to reverse the decision and prevent some parents from having to make a 90-minute trip from parts of Montgomeryshire.
Lead campaigner Helen Jervis says they won’t give up and has called upon residents of Montgomeryshire and Shropshire to sign up to an online petition which requires 100,000 signatures to force Central Government intervention.
“The petition has been set up as our last attempt to get the government to review the proposals,” she said. “If we can get 100,000 signatures they have to review it. Whilst doing this campaign against these proposals I have heard and been contacted by numerous people with heartbreaking and inspirational stories.

“There are very sick children who use these facilities and will have to for many years to come. Please sign the petition and make the government listen. This is our last chance. Once it has gone we will never get it back.
“Do it for the sick children, pregnant ladies and premature babies across mid Wales and Shropshire.”
Under current relocation proposals, all Consultant Maternity services will move from RSH Shrewsbury to PRH Telford along with all Neonatal services and paediatric inpatient services. The Children's Cancer ward, built by public donations, will be closed and also moved to Telford.
Earlier this year, a 35,000-name petition against the move showed the strength of feeling in Shropshire and Mid Wales but it appears it have fallen on deaf ears, sparking this last ditch effort.
Health chiefs say the move is necessary amidst cuts and attempts to improve services.
Under the changes, they claim an improved ambulance service will be run in partnership between the West Midlands and Welsh Ambulances services while the A&E, trauma unit and all other services will be retained at Shrewsbury.
If you wish to sign the petition, visit
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