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No police objection to Polish booze licence

Created on 17/11/2011 @ 17:50


Welshpool’s first Polish shop can sell alcohol seven days a week after it was revealed there was no police objection to the application.
But in another twist to the application saga, the town council insists the issue isn’t over yet and is requesting a full review into the decision made by Powys County Council’s Montgomeryshire Licensing Sub-Committee.
Last week’s hearing granted a licence for alcohol to be sold by Mariysz Debowski in Puzzle Square despite widespread objections from local businesses, residents as well as the town council.
Their concern was that anti-social behaviour could increase in the area, but after hearing Mr Debowski would install CCTV and join the ‘Behave Or Be Banned’ scheme, local police did not formally object. The shop can now sell booze from 8am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 8am-10pm on a Sunday.

A Powys spokesperson said: “The hearing received one letter of objection from an individual, 13 from premises and one from Welshpool Town Council who were not at the hearing in person to object.

“All objections to the application were heard and the police provided information on the incidents that have taken place this year and the measures the applicant will put into place to prevent further problems before making its decision in granting the application.”
Such was the feeling amongst local residents and businesses against the licence application they formed an association to collectively voice its concern.
And Town Clerk Robert Robinson said the issue isn’t over yet by adding: “The Puzzle Square licence approval is considered by the Town Council to be a bad decision and the Council believes that the Committee did not consider the matter properly. The Council is writing to the Legal Department at PCC to seek a review of what happened.”
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