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‘Montgomeryshire needs you’

Created on 14/03/2012 @ 14:38


With Montgomeryshire set to disappear off the political map at the next election, the fight to save one of Britain’s oldest shires is on.
MP Glyn Davies has led the calls for the boundaries commission to redraw its boundaries for the next election, after Montgomeryshire was torn in three and lumped in with other new zones.
And at a local level, Welshpool councillor Alan Crowe has called for residents to make their voices heard – or should that say make their thoughts written (you know what we mean!).
“We all need to do our bit to Save Montgomeryshire, so that we can keep our identity!” said Cllr Crowe (pictured). “These changes to the boundary will see the eradication of Mid Wales leaving South Wales and North Wales. After all the government keeps telling us to be aware of identity theft!

Cllr Crowe is urging residents to add ‘Montgomeryshire’ to their home addresses in all correspondence and to make their feelings known through letters to the boundaries commission and their local MP and AM.
He has also created a campaign poster and is encouraging residents to ask their candidates at the upcoming town, community and county council elections what they are doing, as Cllr Crowe says, to “preserve our heritage”.
“We in Mid Wales need to stand up and be counted not downtrodden,” he said.
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