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Female worker thwarts daylight robbery

Created on 05/09/2012 @ 10:21


Welshpool businesses are being warned to be on their guard after a female staff member thwarted a lunch time robbery on her company's premises in the town centre.
The business, which mywelshpool has agreed not to name, said it is reviewing its security after a member of staff, on her own during the lunch break, challenged three men who were attempting to pull off a robbery by using distraction tactics.
Only a week earlier, the business had a mobile phone stolen in the same way so it was already on its toes and has agreed to share its experience as a warning to others.
The manager told us:
“It has been on the last two Tuesdays around lunchtime (1-2pm’ish). The first time involved one man coming in with paperwork which he hung over a desk shielding what his other hand was doing (which was taking the phone off the desk). He used the paperwork as a distraction, talking in a foreign language to add to the confusion and using hand gestures to distract further.

“The second one involved three men this time. They came into the office when there was a only a female member of staff in on her own. One of the men picked up some paperwork and used it to distract her by putting them right in her face, pointing at them and asking loud, random questions. The other two surrounded the desk and again used paperwork to shield their free hand to take a phone off the desk. She realised what was happening and challenged the men. She was extremely brave and managed to grab her phone and at this point the men ran off.”
Anyone with information should contact the police on 101 and in the meantime the manager of the businesses advised fellow town centre shops and offices.
"Be on your guard and be particularly careful leaving staff on their own during lunch time."
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