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Protest against “cow prison”

Created on 22/10/2012 @ 16:31
A protest against a proposed super dairy in Leighton is set to take place in Welshpool on Tuesday, with campaigners expected from across the UK.
Mywelshpool has been told that PETA –People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation – is planning a “vocal and colourful” demonstration outside the Powys County Council offices to protest against an application by local farmer Fraser Jones to build a facility that he says will revolutionise dairy farming in Wales.
The application is being debated by the council's Regulatory Committee tomorrow, who can make a recommendation/comment for the Planning Inspectors who will have the final say on whether it goes ahead.
But protesters see this as an opportunity to make their opinion known and the group, which is backed by celebrity heavyweights including Sir Roger Moore, has been lobbying the local community to drum up support for the 11am protest.
In an email seen by mywelshpool, campaign co-ordinator Abi Izzard urges residents to show up to the “exciting demonstration” against the cow “prison” with shackled protesters expected to wear black and white prisoner suits and cow masks.
Her email states: “If plans for this “prison” are approved, it will mean a lifetime of suffering for the cows. According to the plans, the cows would be kept inside virtually all the time. They would be artificially impregnated and used as milk machines. Cows, like all animals, are sentient, highly intelligent beings, not commodities to be used. They are naturally at home grazing in fields in small social groups, so forcing them to live in factory-farm conditions causes immense suffering.”
The application has been widely opposed by Leighton residents who believe it will impact village life and create health problems. Mr. Jones says changes must be made to the way dairy farming is done or the industry’s long term future is in doubt.
The police have not commented on whether they will be drafting in additional resources to cover the protest which is expected to last until 12.30pm.
PICTURE: Peta protests and campaigns regularly take place around the world
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