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Thieves putting lives at risk

Created on 05/10/2010 @ 11:26


A spate of drain cover thefts over the past few days are putting locals’ lives in danger and costing the Welshpool tax payer thousands.
A total of 19 (similar to the one pictured) have been pinched, leaving gaping holes on the sides of the roads which have been hit by motorists at speed resulting in substantial damage to cars. Thankfully they have not caused a serious accident.
Powys County Councillor Geraint Hopkins, said: “19 gully covers were stolen overnight from rural roads. I am appalled that anyone would do such a thing. There is a real risk of motorists driving over an exposed drain - apart from the obvious damage to a vehicle an incident would cause, it could result in personal injuries or worse.
“In a time when we are facing severe budget cuts this is also an additional and unacceptable cost to the taxpayer.”
Anyone with information should contact the police on 101. If a missing drain cover is found, contact the council on 0845 602 7035 / 01597 827465.
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