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Police warning and advice after Quad theft

Created on 08/10/2010 @ 09:39

Dyfed-Powys Police is urging members of the public to remain vigilant to combat Quad bike theft.
The appeal follows an incident in Llanfair Caereinion on Wednesday when a quad bike owner left the keys in the ignition of the vehicle.
To combat this type of crime, police have performed a series of proactive anti-burglary operations in the area in recent weeks – but  need members of the public support by utilising the appropriate level of security.

Although Powys is one of the safest places in England and Wales, communities should be fully prepared for these offences. To help, Dyfed-Powys Police is offering a variety of suggestions to help prevent the public becoming victims. These simple but effective tips can make life more difficult for would-be-thieves and ensure your property stays safe.
Communities and Partnerships Sergeant Kelvin Briggs, said: “We advise Quad Bike owners to record the serial and chassis numbers, and to photograph their bikes and document any distinctive marks. We would also like owners to consider more technical solutions such as the Vapormatic Immobiliser, which utilises the latest wireless technology to protect your vehicle against theft – even when the keys are left in the ignition.
“The keypad device is quick to install and easy to use. It has maximum protection for multiple driver access and can accept up to six unique PIN codes – perfect for a variety of people working in farming and rural terrain.
“This product is one of the many powerful tools available to the police and the wider community to stop criminals in their tracks – especially in isolated areas. As a modern police service, we are prepared to use any new technologies available to assist in our fight against crime.”
To protect your Quad Bike you should:
Park your Quad out-of-sight in a building/secure compound when not in use
Use hitch locks/wheel clamps or shackle the Quad to a fixed object
Mark or customise it to make it less attractive to thieves
Ask for proof of ownership of second-hand Quad bikes and be suspicious of very cheap bikes Never view a quad bike in a public car park/service station
If buying privately, always go to the seller's house. A thief will not want to be traced to an address
Check for signs of tampering or removal of the chassis/serial number
Keep receipts/other documentation/photographs of your quad in a safe place to assist any Police enquiry should it be stolen. 
Sergeant Briggs adds: “We would also like to encourage members of the farming community to join a Farm or Horse Watch scheme and register on Ringmaster. It’s free and will help improve communication between farmers and the police in order to reduce the opportunities for crime and vandalism. It will also enable people in rural communities to be vigilant, pool their inside knowledge and report any suspicious activity to the Police.”
Another innovative tactic to combat this type of theft is to fit a tracker. For a small sum of money quad owners can have peace-of-mind and may even get a discount from their insurance. 
Checkout two local suppliers at: and and register for Ringmaster at

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