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Three arrests after gang fight averted

Created on 08/10/2010 @ 16:18


Police made three arrests yesterday when a planned fight between Welshpool and Llanfyllin youths was thwarted .
Welshpool police were tipped off earlier in the day following Facebook ‘chatter’ that trouble was brewing, and concerned teachers called in officers located nearby after growing numbers of youths – many not even associated with the schools - amassed on the touch lines of a rugby match between the two schools on Maesydre fields.
Three were arrested and one eyewitness told mywelshpool that kids were “tooled up” and had merely used the match as an excuse to cause trouble.
He said: “It was going to get ugly. It was obvious why the kids were turning up at the game because most weren’t even from the school. There was a rumour all day that something was going to happen so of course this attracted a lot more people because they wanted to see what was going on. The police arrived on the scene and dispersed the crowd.
“Some were tooled up carrying weapons like sticks of wood and I even saw one with a baseball bat.”
Police have confirmed that three youths were arrested and taken to Newtown police station where their parents were required to attend.
Inspector Diane Davies said: “No one was assaulted or injured in this incident. This is an unfortunate matter as the idiotic behaviour of three people has marred what was a well organised and constructive event.
“This incident comes on the back of the local community informing us at a recent meeting that they want us to focus on anti-social behaviour in the area. Positive and decisive action was taken with the three arrests. Unfortunately, the idiotic behaviour of a very small minority of individuals unfairly blights the reputation of the generation. I can confirm that none of the three youths arrested took any part in the rugby game; after all that would require commitment and self discipline."

Inspector Davies confirmed that local police were in the area as they had received a tip off that there might be trouble.
“I will obviously not identify the source of information, they know who they are and I am
grateful for their assistance,” she added. “I would like to thank everyone else at this event for their commendable response to the incident.”
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