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Ebay’s Welshpool ticket to ride (or not!)

Created on 17/10/2010 @ 15:19


A used day-return train ticket from Shrewsbury to Welshpool has appeared on Ebay’s American site and it is your’s for $5 (about £4).
Taking into account a $3 first class delivery charge to anywhere in the USA, and the West Virginia-based seller is asking for double its original stated cost of £3.30p!
Dated October 20, 2007, joe_wv55 boasts that “the top of the reverse ticket is in the ‘Welch’ language, and has included a photo to prove it. Its strong selling point is that this is a ticket that can take you from ‘one country (GB) to another (Wales) in the UK’!
While our American ambassador may need to brush up on his or her British geography, it is clear that they have a knack of making cash on Ebay having sold more than 3,616 items.
However, they might not be able to give up their day job just yet judging by some of the other items on offer:-
1: Extension plug ($5)
2: 80’s Board Game ($30)
3: An album by the Kentucky Headhunters called Singin’ the Blues ($4).
Disclaimer: Mywelshpool is not taking a commission from joe_wv55’s sales!
Have you got a story to tell about trading on Ebay? Have you sold something even more pointless? Let us know by writing to
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