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‘Use real nappies’ council appeal

Created on 16/04/2013 @ 13:51


Powys County Council has teamed up with Waste Awareness Wales to encourage parents to use soft ‘real’ cloth nappies.

The annual Real Nappy Week (April 15-21) aims to show parents how reusable nappies can help them save money as well as reduce waste.

Powys County Council currently provides all maternity units in Powys with the reusable nappies, so they can give one or two to parents to give them a try.

Richard Hobbs, Head of Operations for Powys County Council, said: “My wife and I had four children all of whom used terry nappies. In a two and a half year period a baby will use about 5,000 nappies, if those are disposable nappies the cost to parents at today’s prices would be roughly £800. If you choose real nappies you can get everything you need online for as little as £80, and even after adding about £5 a week for extra loads of washing you’ll still make savings. Washable nappies can also be reused for any new additions to the family.

“Using real nappies is also a great way to reduce the amount of waste we produce. 5,000 nappies equate to 156 black bags which is approximately the same weight as a family car. All this waste goes straight to landfill where it will take 300 years to decompose, releasing harmful methane gas in the process.

“As well as the disposable nappies themselves, parents need to consider the plastic packaging they come in and disposable nappy bags which are essentially bought just to be thrown away.

“Real nappies have come a long way since simple terry squares were the only kind on the market. They are very easy to use and are now available in many different styles and designs from a range of online retailers as well as certain high street stores. We’re encouraging parents to take this opportunity to try real nappies and see the advantages for themselves.”

For more information about using cotton nappies and one to one advice visit

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