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Heat slowing down time

Created on 25/07/2013 @ 12:35


Welshpool’s Town Hall clock has been running a couple of minutes fast for decades to allow that little extra time to make trains and buses, but be warned, it’s become the latest victim of the summer sizzle!

The clock has been running up to six minutes slow in recent days so it appears it is not just us slowing down as a result of sweltering temperatures.

A town council spokesperson informed us: “The clock is very old and possibly subject to the heat also. The Caretaker checks the clock every week, so we have asked him to check it again.”

The clock tower underwent a costly clean-up last year after it was revealed that pigeon poo over the years had started to create problems with the clock mechanics.

One reader who alerted us that the clock was running slow said: “It is now running six minutes slow - and not for the first time. Not much use if you are going for a train/bus!”


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