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If you are going to complain, do it properly!

Created on 26/07/2013 @ 12:19


The message is clear from the Town Council: If you have a problem with something, have the courage to put your name to a complaint!

There’s certainly been plenty to discuss over the past couple of years and with the town council implementing an open door policy with residents free to air their views, the communication channels have been busy.

But the council has been receiving a number of anonymous letters of complaint which, from now on, will only find their way into the bin!

A spokesperson told us: “At Welshpool Town Council offices, we do occasionally receive letters of complaint about various subjects. However, some of these letters arrive unsigned. We would like to point out that, although we do endeavour to answer all correspondence, we do not respond to anonymous mails - be it by post or electronic.

“Should anyone wish to bring something to our attention, they must provide a name and address (and phone number or email) in order for us to reply.”

If you need to contact the council, the best way remains

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