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Welshpool shoplifters face 12 month ban

Created on 05/12/2010 @ 08:59

The Steal And Be Banned (SABB) initiative launched by Dyfed Powys Police in Welshpool is off the ground with 22 businesses signing up.

The innovative scheme has been introduced to combat shoplifting in the town and help to reduce theft related crime, thus making Welshpool a safer place for everybody to live.
In total, 22 retail premises have signed-up to SABB. This concerted and collaborative effort, which will be operated by store managers, will enable the scheme to have an improved chance of success.
At present, Welshpool business community does not have a coordinated approach in relation to shoplifting or security issues and there is little or no information sharing between individual businesses.
The loss of revenue to retail premises from shoplifting can run into thousands of pounds and includes a diverse range of products.
PC Lindsay Sweetman and PCSO Sarah Bebb have been instrumental in ensuring SABB was introduced.

PC Sweetman says: “This will be an effective and robust approach to combat shoplifting in Welshpool. I believe that the success of this partnership will enable the initiative to expand across the business community in the town and the county.
“The members will meet once a month and when an individual has been convicted in court or been issued with a Fixed-Penalty Notice or caution, their case will be put before the SABB committee and a minimum of three members will be required to vote make a decision on behalf of the membership.”
Individuals – juvenile or adult – facing a ban can access information on an appeal against the decision. In cases where people have been charged by the Police but bailed to court, the individual will need to be convicted in court before a banning order will be considered.
Period of ban:
1st offence 3 months
2nd offence 6 months
3rd offence 12 months.

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