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It’s back! E-bay’s most useless item ever?

Created on 09/12/2010 @ 15:52


The item we declared as ‘Ebay’s most useless’ is back on sale after failing to be sold at its first attempt in the summer.
A used rail ticket from 2007 for the Shrewsbury – Welshpool route is being auctioned off for US$5 by an American seller who is pitching the strong selling point that it ‘has the Welsh language on the back’!
And it seems joe_wv55, who has sold nearly 4,000 items on the site, has still not brushed up on his British geography adding: “The used train ticket from one country (Great Braitain) to another (Wales) in UK.”
The ticket will cost an American buyer $3 to have it shipped making the ticket more expensive to buy used than it was when it was issued three years ago.
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