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Warning for Welshpool farmers

Created on 13/12/2010 @ 08:03

Welshpool farmers are being warned to protect their flocks against sheep scab.

NFU Cymru’s Livestock Board is encouraging  farmers in the Newtown area to take adequate steps to treat and protect their flocks from one of the most contagious and economically damaging sheep diseases in Wales.
Concerns have been expressed by many members of NFU Cymru’s Livestock Board that sheep scab would appear to be ever prevalent and that farmers must take proactive measures to treat their flocks and protect the industry.
NFU Cymru Livestock Board Chairman Peter Davies said, “At present there appears to be a growing problem with reports of scab up and down Wales. Eradication itself will be no easy task, but it is something that individual keepers and the sheep sector as a whole must seek to achieve. There are obvious animal welfare benefits, increased productivity and reduced costs from keeping sheep scab out of your flock.
“It is often the case that the first hurdle to be overcome is the stigma that can be attached to having the disease in your flock, however, there is no shame in having the disease, only in not treating it.
“We need to raise awareness and the understanding of the disease. We also need to get a much tighter grip on the disease in the hope that within a short period of time we are in a position where we could be targeting any remaining hotspots. From my perspective, the overarching aim must be to eradicate the disease.”  
Mr Davies ended, “Combating scab should be high on every sheep farmer’s agenda and a few relatively simple measures can help to protect Welsh flocks. I would encourage farmers to contact their vets for advice on the most appropriate methods to take to protect their flocks from sheep scab.”

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