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Bungalow sold via video

Created on 29/03/2020 @ 09:08

Even in These difficult times, McCartneys remain proactive and can still provide you with a service!

When measures stepped up in countries such as Italy and Spain, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought it would be highly likely similar measures would be introduced in this country too. Due to this possibility we thought it would be a pro-active marketing approach to try and get some video viewings done on properties that we currently have on the market and new instructions too.

The reason we are sharing our story is to show the impact a video viewing could have on you potentially finding a buyer for your home, as we have had some great recent success, which we will share with you now.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 23rd March 2020, we made the decision to cancel any future viewing’s we had arranged on our properties, with immediate effect. 

One of these properties, which was due to be sold via the modern method of auction on Wednesday 25th March 2020, had two parties lined up to view on Tuesday 24th, but of course these two viewings had to be cancelled.

However, one of the parties who were due to view were keen to be sent the video viewing we had created for the property. 

We sent the 4 minute long video to the potential buyer on the morning of the auction via what’s app and received a polite response saying, ‘Perfect thanks’. 

Bidding commenced at midday on the 25th and numerous bids were placed. Surprisingly, the eventual and successful bidder was the lady we had sent the video viewing to a few hours earlier.

She hadn’t actually physically viewed the property but placed bids based on what we had sent earlier that day! Any buyer purchasing via the modern method of auction has to immediately pay a reservation fee to secure their purchase.

That’s exactly what our buyer did, showing a real commitment to the purchase immediately, all on the back of a video viewing!

Whilst times are difficult and we all find ourselves in a situation which seems very alien to us all, this example hopefully shows with a pro-active approach, buyers can still be found and property sales can still be agreed!

If you would like to speak to us about the best way to do a video viewing of your property then please contact your local McCartneys office.

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