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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 01/06/2016 @ 08:25
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on a lively auction at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (49)

A smaller entry of 49 otm cattle this week selling to an overall average of 124.24ppkg. Topping the otm section was R G Francis & Son, Craignant, with a British Blue 846kg cow making £1184.40 (140ppkg). G & A Williams presented a Limousin cow weighing 695kg making £1105.05(159ppkg). Cows 48 to 72 months topped at £1205.22 (159ppkg) for a Limousin from MPB Ashton & Son, Belan Ddu. R I Own & Co, Cwmffynnon, presented a 39 month old Limousin heifer weighing 574kg making £849.52 (148ppkg).

A steer under 48 months weighing 651kg made £1002.54 (154ppkg) from MPB Ashton & Son, Belan Ddu. G P Vaughan & Son, Dolcorsllwyn, presented a 917kg  19 month old Limousin Bull making £1513.05(165ppkg).

OTM Cows averaged 120.25ppkg / £804.02

Cows 48 – 72 months averaged 132.44ppkg / £830.98

Heifers under 48 months averaged 128.13ppkg / £629.11

Steers under 48 months averaged 154ppkg / £1002.54

Bulls under 72 months averaged 144.18ppkg / £1255.05

Overall average of 124.67ppkg.


An entry of 2777 prime lambs selling to an average of 203ppkg.

Super Lights (12) to 200ppkg from A M Jones, Middle Farm. Average of 200ppkg.

Lights (397) to 218ppkg from S T Jones, Arllan Fawr. Others to 217ppkg from N E Jones, The Gaer. Average of 209.97ppkg.

Standards (556) to 250ppkg from Bowen & Bowen, Penthryn. Others to 247pkg from D Gethin, Llanyhared. Average of 202.95ppkg.

Mediums (1715) to 260ppkg from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern. Others to 243ppkg from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern & J Blamer, Townsend.  Average of 201.85ppkg.

Heavies (87) to 236ppkg from T & B Williams, Cilmawr. Others to 204ppkg from A E Casewell, Bodynfoel. Average of 192.63ppkg.

Over Weights (7) to 199ppkg from R A Owen, Tynewydd. Others to 193ppkg from JT & EB Kinsey, The Green. Average of 188.52ppkg.


An entry of 1253 prime hoggets selling to an average of 149.99ppkg

Lights (184) to 165ppkg from Roberts & Jones, Parc . Others to 162ppkg from E Jones & Son, Rhos Farm. Average of 145.80ppkg.

Standards (319) to 163ppkg from S & FS Jones, Llanwen. Others to 162ppkg from FG & G Mountford, Middle Heldre. Average of 145.84ppkg.

Mediums (166) to 195ppkg from Evan Davies & Co, Red House. Others to 185ppkg from W Hughes & Son. Waen Farm. Average of 159.96ppkg.

Heavies (143) to 183ppkg from A S Hopley, Kingsleigh. Others to 181ppkg from W G Jones, Cwmduggan . Average of 164.03ppkg.

Over Weights (119) to 172ppkg from Evan Davies & Co, Red House. Others to 169ppkg.  Average of 152.73ppkg.


A larger entry of 2142 cull ewes this week selling to an average of £56.33. Cull rams averaged £74.62. Ewes topped at £111.50 for a good pen of 18  from G&M&A Jones, Cefndre. Rams topped at £140 presented by T & B Williams, Cilmawr. Overall trade was slightly steadier on the strongest ewes, smaller ewes sold well throughout the sale.


The bank holiday sun brought with it a smashing entry of 630 ewes with their lambs. The 137 older ewes were met with a buoyant trade and sold to a top price of £222 for a 2 year old Suffolk x with twin lambs at foot from F Bailey, Pensarn. Mr Bailey also sold 3 Texel x 3 and 4 year old ewes with twin lambs to £190. Mr Baileys run of 37 older ewes and lambs averaged £162. R W Roberts, Hillfield, sold a 2 year old Suffolk with twin lambs for £180. W R Jones, Bryn Awel sold 2 Texel full mouth ewes with twin lambs for £170.

We also had our 2nd prize sale of Hoggs and lambs that was kindly sponsored by the British Wool Board, for pens on 10 or more Hoggs and Lambs.

Texels 1st - £190 – B R Corfield, Rhos Royal.

2nd - £186 – A P Davies, Blaen Y Glyn.

Mules 1st- £165 – DI & RE Lewis, Mochnant Farm.

2nd- £162 – H & S Watkins, Cammen Uchaf.

Top price hogs and lambs of the day was £195 for a Texel x with Beltex x lambs from B R Corfield, Rhos Royal.  Other notable prices include £185 from F Bailey, Pensarn, for 5 Texel x hogs with single lambs. Mr F Bailey sold a further run of 47 hoggs and lambs to an average of £155. Fferm Llegad sold Texel hogs with single lambs to £176. W Duthie, 1 Cae Y Nat, sold Texel x hogs to £162.

Sale of couples to commence at 11 am prompt next week. For further information or if you are bringing couples next week please contact the mart office on 01938 553438.  


Records tumbled in the cow and calf ring at Welshpool when possibly the best show of cows and calves on a Monday we’ve ever had went under the hammer in front of a ring full of buyers, with cattle heading both North and South as well as over the border, of the 70 cows and calves sold, 26 were over £2000.

Leading the way at a headlining £6000 (yes £6000) was an absolutely fantastic Pedigree Limousin 1st calver with her Limousin bull calf, sired by Lodge Hamlet, presented by G Lewis, Sychlyn, Pool Quay. From the same home was another 1st calver with a Limousin heifer calf sired by Ampertaine Gustav, that made £3020 whilst a 3rd outfit with a bull calf sold at £2850. The seven outfits from Guto Lewis averaged £3012.

Presented by M J Bower, Footbridge Farm, were a further 8 either pedigree or purebred Limousin cows with Limousin calves at foot which sold to a top of £2500 with other notable prices at £2450 and £2420 (x3).

DP & RE Evans, Moelygarth, sold 6 Limousin x 1st calvers with Limousin calves at foot to a top of £2300,2280(x2). Overall the 6 outfits averaged £2208.

A G Kirton & Sons, Severn Lodge Farm, dispersed the vast majority of their Pedigree British Blue cows with Limousin x calves at foot which sold to a top of £3000 with other outfits at £2650. A 2012 born Pedigree cow in-calf to Dolcorsllwyn Caio, sold to £2350. From the same home was a 2011 Pedigree cow with a Heifer calf which sold for £2480.

RE & CJ Davies, Boycott Hall, sold 3 British Blue x 1st calvers with Limousin x calves at foot for £2000, £2020 and £1920, the 6 outfits from this home averaged £1983.

Presented by WI Jones & Sons, Cilcwm, were 2 Hereford x 1st calvers with Limousin x heifer calves which made £1980 and £1920.

A Limousin x British Blue bull, born 2014, from AG Kirton & Sons, Sold for £2800.

A breakdown of all prices achieved were as follows: £3000 + 3 lots, £2800 - £3000 2 lots, £2500 - £2800 3 lots, £2200 - £2500 11 lots, £2000 - £2200 9 lots, £1800 - £2000 10 lots, £1600 - £1800 7 lots, £1400 - £1600 5 lots, £1200 - £1400 6 lots, £1000 - £1200 14 lots, < £1000 2 lots.

Polite reminder: FARM ASSURANCE – Vendors with amendments to their farm assurance details MUST notify the market office. Onus for correctness of information supplied to purchasers rests solely on you, as the vendor! Members described as in ‘periods of grace’ or ‘suspended’ CANNOT sell stock as farm assured.

Forthcoming Sale Dates:

Monday 20th June- Sale of Store Cattle.

Monday 4th July – Sale of Store Cattle.

Monday 25th July – Sale of Store Cattle.

Monday 22nd August – Sale of Store Cattle & Weanlings.

Saturday 27th August – Welsh Premier Texel Sale.

Wednesday 31th August – Welsh Premier Beltex Show & Sale.

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