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Monday's market prices

Created on 13/03/2019 @ 09:20
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on the sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (22)

A similar number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1460.25 (165ppkg) for a Limousin x OTM weighing in at 885kg from M & JE Jones & DCE & MN Davies, Cwm Farm. SJ Smith, Penybryn made 156ppkg for a British Blue x weighing 878kg making £1369.68. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £905.58 (117ppkg) for a British Blue x weighing 774kg from Thomas Bros, Cefngribin.    The same home also made 118ppkg for a British Blue x weighing 635kg making £749.30. Heifers under 48 months topped at £841.85 (149ppkg) for a Limousin heifer weighing 565kg from M & T Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (14) 128.18ppkg / £859.91

OTM Bull (1) 114ppkg / £1037.40

Cows 48-72 Months (2) 117.45ppkg / £827.44

Heifers Under 48 months (3) 128.34ppkg / £680.22

Steers Under 48 months (2) 150.82 / £901.15

Overall Average 128.13ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999)


A slightly reduced entry of hoggets forward sold to a better trade to return an average of 200.89ppkg, with a top price of 239ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 40kg hoggets making £95.50, and £102/head for 56kg hoggets from V Jerman, Gwernydd.

A generally better quality entry of fed hoggs sold to a stronger trade throughout for all weights and grades especially the middle weight and export weight hoggs which helped to return an overall average just over 200ppkg. Yet again must demand was for the best quality, best shaped hoggs with these selling up to 239ppkg. Pleasing to see an improvement in price for the heavier weight hoggs of which there were many more around. Fewer lighter weight hoggs on offer and again these sold to a improved trade compared to recent weeks. Hopefully as numbers seasonally reduce trade for all types will improve.

Afternoon sales of finished hoggets will commence on Wednesday 20th March at 3pm. For further information, contact Jonathan Evans (07971002650) or Nick Hyne (07519106822)

Lights (123) to 217ppkg from EP Hughes & Co, Porth. Others to 211ppkg from .JG Ellis & Son, Tynewydd Average of 202.17ppkg.

Standards (338) to 227ppkg from Robson, Big HIll Others to 219ppkg from EB Ellis, Penisarcwm. Average of 204.48ppkg.

Mediums (1264) to 239ppkg from Robson, Big Hill. Others to 231ppkg from DW & L Jones, Arbennig.  Average of 199.97ppkg.

Heavies (1009) to 210ppkg from AS Hopley, Kingsleigh Farm. Others to 206ppkg from RG & JL Peate, Cwmderw. Average of 183.53ppkg.


This week we saw a very similar entry of 1790 cull ewes that once again sold to a very strong trade throughout. The trade was very similar to last week’s trade with the heaviest and best meated Welsh/Speckled face ewes realising over £60. The average this week of £59.02 was up £3.50 on the week, but on a whole there was a larger proportion of heavier ewes forward today that once again sold to a very pleasing trade with the best Texel ewes selling to £140, Bleu du Maine's to £120, Suffolks and Charollais to £110, Romney's to £81 and Mules to £80. Top price of the day of £140 went to IP Jones, Bryn Clochydd and closely followed by ME & MB Roberts, Woodleasowes that sold ewes at £138.

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


A smaller number of entries forward at this week’s store section of 151. Quality entries sold well to a variety of buyers. Overall average was £54.06.

Topping the sale were mixed and clean lambs that sold to £85 for a oen of Texels from TEA Owen, Alltyffynnon. With other mixed and clean lambs selling to £79 for a pen of 3 Texels from the home of RGK Hodnett, Willey House.

Theave lambs sold to a maximum price of £80 for a pen of 5 Texel x from the home AK Lloyd, Ivy House Farm with others from the same home reaching £61 for a pen of 14 Texel x's.

There wasnt a high number of wether lambs present at today’s sale with the highest going to the home of D Rowlands, Pentre Celyn for one Mule lamb at £60.

Tup lambs peaked at £59.50 for a pen of 6 Mules from TH Davies & Sons, Clegyrddwr. With others reaching £50 for a pen of 14 Texels from JE Jones, Tanffridd.

Lastly, Mixed and tup lambs peaked at £58 for a pen of 2 Mules from D Rowlands, Pentre Celyn.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193).


Ewe Lambs - £59.79

Mixed & Clean - £53.96

Wether lambs - £48.50

Ram lambs - £49.03

Mixed & Tups - £58

Overall average - £54.06


Small entry of 34 in lamb ewes – all from G Evans, Penrhiwlas which saw 4 year old Texels to £96 and 3 year old Aberfield ewes to £121.

A Speckled entry of 200 in lamb ewes next week including 120 Welsh ewes from DR Thoms, Fynnon Derw and 70 in lamb hoggs from TM Davies, Wynnstay Farm.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


An increased entry of 130 couples saw a similar trade to last week with the best keenly contested and the poorest harder work.

Best twins hit £175 from B Jones, Springbank. With others to £172 from GR & TF Jones, Great Western. Best singles peaked at £129 from WJ & BM Lewis, Fferm with others to £120 from EW Cookson, West Dudston.

Overall average - £121.60 unit / £48.05 a life.

For further information contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


This week’s sale saw good quality cade lambs forward with a total of 32 lambs on offer.

The lambs were stronger sorts in comparison to the week before with more buyers looking to purchase. The section topped at £24 for a Texel x from RM Morris & Co, Coed Cowrhyd. Another cade reached a good price of £19 from DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands Farm. With others from the same home reaching £17 and £16.

The overall average was £12.75.

More entries of cade lambs expected at next week’s sale.


There was a hugh range in the quality of cattle on offer at Welshpool's mid-month sale of Store Cattle. Considering the continued downward pressure on the fat cattle price trade was remarkably brisk for what was on offer, with the overall average for bullocks being 198.61ppkg and heifers 185.66ppkg.

There was a good demand for the best outfits and leading the way was:-


Charolais (x1) 555kg £1240 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Charolais (x1) 555kg £1180 ET James & RA Roberts, Dolhywel

Charolais (x1) 520kg £1140 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Limousin (x1) 555kg £1085 GM & U Thomas, Bwlchygraig

British Blue (x2) 482kg £1050 JS & FMH James & Son, Lower Rectory


Charolais (x1) 525kg £1190 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Charolais (x1) 515kg £1170 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

British Blue (x1) 520kg £1170 GM & U Thomas, Bwlchygraig

Charolais (x1) 535kg £1140 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

British Blue (x1) 602kg £1060 WS Powell, Hayes Farm

Steers pence per kilo

Limousin (x2) 365kg 258ppkg WT Jones & Co, Croesllwyn

Limousin (x2) 347kg 240.6ppkg DE Morgan & Co, Lawnt Uchaf

Limousin (x1) 360kg 240.3ppkg R Evans & Partners, Hafodyfoel

Limousin (x2) 367kg 239.8ppkg DE & GV Jones, Dolfrwynog

Limousin (x1) 330kg 239.4ppkg WT Jones & Co, Croesllwyn

Heifers pence per kilo

Limousin (x1) 360kg 244.4ppkg JT Jones, Tynewydd Cyffin

Charolais (x1) 515kg 227.2ppkg G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Charolais (x1) 525kg 226.7ppkg G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

British Blue (x1) 520kg 225ppkg GM & U Thomas, Bwlchygraig

Limousin (x2) 332kg 216.9ppkg RJ Slater & Son, The Broadlands

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 18th March – Cows & Calves and Couples

Monday 25th March – Fodder Sale and Couples

Tuesday 26th March – Store Cattle Fair

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