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Monday sales and April market

Created on 09/04/2019 @ 15:19
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on their sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (10)

A similar number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £948.48 (128ppkg) for a  British Blue x OTM weighing in at 741kg from AH & AE Morgan, Penybryn. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1039.52 (146ppkg) for a British Blue x weighing 712kg from WL Hamer, The Bryn.   The same home also made 150ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 682kg making £1023. Heifers under 48 months topped at £808 (160ppkg) for a heifer weighing 505kg from RG & RE Jones, Pentre.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (4) 105.72ppkg / £637.76

Cows 48-72 Months (3) 143.52ppkg / £977.84

Heifers Under 48 months (3) 127.34ppkg / £701.20

Overall Average 124.21ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999)


With Easter approaching a few more spring lambs were forward and trade increased significantly for all types.  In most demand were the best quality, handier weight springers which created strong competitive bidding throughout. Vendors are encouraged to sell their lambs at any weight as long as they are well meated as demand for lighter lambs is also very strong. Next Monday sees the annual Easter Show and Sale of Spring Lambs, for which entries are encouraged.

Lights (13) to 276ppkg from EJ & AJ Roberts, Longlands. Average of 276ppkg.

Standards (11) to 286ppkg from JI & JE Williams, Llwynybrain. Others to 278ppkg from the same home. Average of 278.69ppkg.

Mediums (54) to 304ppkg from C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm. Others to 296ppkg from the same home.  Average of 280.04ppkg.

Heavies (37) to 238ppkg from DS Jerman, Gwernau. Others to 235ppkg from the same home. Average of 226.40ppkg.


A entry of 4433 hoggets forward sold to a strong trade to return an average of 214.36ppkg, with a top price of 267ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 41.5kg hoggets making £111 from RA Davies, Llwynderw, and £119/head for 51kg hoggets from H Isaac, Llwynderw. Overall an excellent number of hoggets forward sold to a stronger trade than last week for all weights and grades. Yet again best quality, best shaped hoggets were in most demand as seen by the leading prices. Strong demand for lighter weight under 40kg hoggs with these averaging 217ppkg to include a good number of Welsh bred hoggets, with best sold in this band being 28-32kg meated hoggs. Export weight hoggs also sold to a slightly improved trade, with most demand for the better quality 46-50kg hoggs. Heavy weight hoggs continue to improve in price and hopefully will continue to do so as numbers dry up.

Lights (270) to 227ppkg from J Balmer, Tycanol. Others to 226ppkg from ES Morgan & Co, Bryndu. Average of 215.36ppkg.

Standards (537) to 235ppkg from F Humphreys & Son, Moydog Fawr. Others to 229ppkg from C & M Higgs, Little Bank Farmhouse. Average of 216.23ppkg.

Mediums (1764) to 267ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 260ppkg from P & P Hughes, Hargreaves Farm.  Average of 213.76ppkg.

Heavies (1115) to 244ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 233ppkg from H Isaac, Llwynderw. Average of 198.26ppkg.

For further information, contact Jonathan Evans (07971002650) or Nick Hyne (07519106822)


This week we saw another good entry of 1768 cull ewes that once again sold to a terrrific trade from start to finish with an overall average of £68.25 ( up £4.68 on the week). The smallest and plainest ewes were dearer on the week with the best meated and heaviest ewes very similar. Welsh ewes were still a very good trade with the best reaching £78 with many pens selling around the £70 mark and the best Dolgellau type Welsh ewes selling for £57. Top priced ewes went to the Powell family, Cil Pentre that sold a pen of Charollais ewes at £125 closely followed by JW Power, Maesygraig and DTA Williams, Upper Bolbro that sold Texel x ewes at £124 and £123. Suffolk x ewes sold up to £108 and Mules to £85.

Rams once again sold to a solid trade with the top price of £142 going to EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Ychain for a fantastic pen of 11 Charollais rams. The 134 rams forward averaged £84.35.

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


A slightly larger entry of 79 Stores hoggets sold at today's sale with a wether hogg dominating at £80 for a Welsh hogget from CA Wildbore, Carreghofa. Overall an average of £57.43.

Theave hoggs peaked at £79 from MJ Williams, Pontyperson for a pen of 2 Texels. With other from the same home reaching £77 for a pen of Texels.

Tup hoggets saw a maximum price of £78 for one Suffolk hogg from S Lane, New Hall. With another tup from RL & DM Davies, Glanfeiglo reaching £68 for a Mule.

Mixed and cleans peaked at £62 for a pen of 5 Charollais x from MD Bufton & JD Pryce & Son. With others to £60 for a pen of 8 Texels from the same home.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


Ewe Hoggets - £58.88

Mixed & Clean - £51.90

Wether Hoggets - £80

Ram Hoggets - £60.33

Overall average - £57.43


A similar entry to last week with the strongest sorts selling to a brisk trade peaking at £202 for a Blue Texel x 4 year old ewe with twins from JE Isaac, Parc Cyninfa.

Mule yearlings with twins sold to £194 from T & A Aldridge, Ty Newydd, with singles selling to £128.

Other yearling ewes with singles sold to £150 from AH Jones, Hirrhyd.

Full mouth and as found ewes with twins sold to £175 from CA Wildbore, Carreghofa.

Welsh ewes were again present in high numbers selling to £80 for twins and £79 for singles from AP Grimes, Maesyrhaime.

Catalogued sale of couples next week at 11am. For further information contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


A larger number of entries forward at this week's sale with a total of 71 cade lambs on offer.

The trade saw a higher average of £15.03 in comparison to last week, due to the demand increasing and buyers travelling from all over.

Top price was £24 for a Ewe lamb from GL & SE Lloyd, Brynhyfryd. Also £22 from DR Owen & Sons, Sandilands for another ewe lamb.

Welshpool Livestock Sales report on Wednesday April 3.


An entry of 500 hoggets forward sold to return an average of 206.52ppkg, with a top price of 232ppkg for hoggets weighing 41kg making £95 from CJ & LM Davies, Lawn, and £100/head for 46kg hoggets from CJ & LM Davies, Lawn. A decent number forward sold to a good competitive trade throughout with spirited bidding on all weights and grades. Best trade was for the better quality types which sold up to 232ppkg. Larger entries are encouraged every week.

Lights (5) to 213ppkg from DS Griffiths & Co, Braich Y Fedw. Average of 213ppkg.

Standards (17) to 213ppkg from Evans Bros, Tynewydd. Others to 208ppkg from JRG & GAM Davies & Son, Adwywnt. Average of 202.42ppkg.

Mediums (117) to 232ppkg from CJ & LM Davies, Lawn. Others to 214ppkg from JRG & GAM Davies & Son, Adwywynt.  Average of 206.82ppkg.

Heavies (248) to 217ppkg from CJ & LM Davies, Lawn. Others to 213ppkg from the same home. Average of 199.48ppkg.

For further information, contact Jonathan Evans (07971002650) or Nick Hyne (07519106822)

Mid-April Store Cattle sale

We are pleased to report another successful mid-April Store Cattle sale with a total of 257 cattle being sold to a solid trade throughout despite the recent difficult fat trade. Longer term grazing cattle were very much in demand with the averages of the steers being 209.05ppkg or £931.87 per head and heifers 208.21ppkg or £875.34 per head.

G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach, Oakley Park’s consignment of 7 British Blue x Limousin, Limousin x and Pure Limousin heifers aged between 13-22 months attracted plenty of interest with buyers and bidders travelling a very long distance. This consignment topped the market with an 18-month British Blue x Limousin heifer selling for £1610. Other notable prices in the run were £1560, £1510 and £1460 with the whole consignment averaging £1366 per head.

Leading the way with top price per head were;


Limousin (x1) 18 months - 510kg - £1160 EE & MJ Jones, Cwmbychan

Limousin (x2) 18 months - 550kg - £1135 T A J Hughes & Co, Plasdwpa

Charolais (x2) 13 months - 567kg - £1130 R Gittins, Henfaes

British Blue (x1) 17 months - 530kg - £1125 T A J Hughes & Co, Plasdwpa

Charolais (x4) 14 months - 538kg - £1120 R Gittins, Henfaes


British Blue (x1) 18 months – 555kg - £1610 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Limousin (x1) 13 months – 500kg - £1560 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

British Blue (x1) 22 months – 520kg - £1510 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Limousin (x1) 22 months – 540kg - £1480 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Limousin (x1) 14 months – 485kg - £1200 G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Top prices per kilo were as follows


Limousin (x1) 360kg – 261ppkg TH & ME & EJ Jones, Plas Coch

Limousin (x1) 355kg – 258ppkg TH & ME & EJ Jones, Plas Coch

Charolais (x5) 335kg – 254ppkg E & H Chapman, Morfodion

Limousin (x1) 360kg – 250ppkg TH & ME & EJ Jones, Plas Coch

Limousin (x1) 330kg – 250ppkg R H Hughes, Fachwen Fawr


Limousin (x1) 500kg – 312ppkg G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

British Blue (x1) 520kg – 290ppkg G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

British Blue (x1) 555kg – 290ppkg G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Limousin (x1) 540kg – 274ppkg G Bound & Son, Cefn Bach

Limousin (x5) 343kg – 251ppkg E Gethin & Co, Ty Coch

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