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Monday's market prices

Created on 17/04/2019 @ 09:47
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on their sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (22)

A larger number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1468.80 (153ppkg) for a Charolais OTM weighing in at 960kg from Roberts & Jones, Parc. CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall made 172ppkg for a Limousin weighing 781kg making £1343.32. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1402.75 (155ppkg) for a Charolais weighing 905kg from Roberts & Jones, Parc. Bulls under 72 months topped at £1331.64 (137ppkg) for a Charolais bull weighing 972kg from JE & SJ Roberts, Pantybriallu.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (13) 126.69ppkg / £891.90

Cows 48-72 Months (3) 132.92ppkg / £882.59

Bulls Under 72 months (1) 137ppkg / £1331.64

Overall Average 127.21ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999)


A greatly increased number of spring lambs on offer (many thanks to the 56 vendors who entered spring lambs today) sold to a slower trade than in recent weeks. Keen competitve bidding was again experienced on the better quality, better meated, handier weight spring lambs. Heavier weight lambs continue to be most difficult to sell with lighter lambs being in greater demand due to the lack of numbers of these types in the hoggets.

Many thanks goes to the sponsors of the Spring Lamb Show: Bibbys Agriculture, British Wood Board, Greencoat Farm Ltd, Rikki Lloyd (butcher), The Shropshire & Montgomery area Suffolk club and British Charollais Sheep society. Many thanks goes to the Judge Mr S Smith.

Show results from the Spring Lamb Show were as follows:

Class 1 – Best pen of 5 lambs up to 36kg.

1st – Lot 142 from C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm

2nd – Lot 143 from NC & AGM Davies, Penysir

3rd – Lot 145 MJ Davies, Caerafon

Class 2 – Best pen of 5 lambs 36.5kg and over

1st – Lot 172 C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm

2nd – Lot 165 ET Greenow, Gorffwysfa

3rd – Lot 3004 EG & AW Pugh, Cefn

Class 3 – Best pen of 5 lambs up to 36.5kg and over sired by a Suffolk Ram.

1st – Lot 168 L & PA Morris & Sons, Mount Farm

2nd – Lot 3003 Delves & Co, Craven Centre

Champion Pen of Suffolk Lambs from L & PA Morris & Sons, Mount Farm weighing 40kg selling to £103.50 (259ppkg)

Class 4 – Best pen of 5 lambs 36.5kg and over sired by a Charollais Ram.

1st – Lot 155 JA Gwalchmai, Minffordd

2nd  -Lot 151 DS Jerman, Gwernau

3rd – Lot 150 DS Jerman, Gwernau

Champion pen of lambs (Classes 1 – 6) Lot 142 from C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm, weighing 35.5kg selling to £120 (338ppkg) purchased by Rikki Lloyd Butchers, Welshpool.

Reserve Champion Pen of Lambs (Classes 1 – 6) Lot 172  C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm, weighing 45kg selling to £118 (262ppkg).

Lights (53) to 259ppkg from EO Hughes & Partners, Pentregaer. Others to 258ppkg from JI & JE Williams, Llwynybrain. Average of 255.35ppkg.

Standards (368) to 338ppkg from C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm. Others to 320ppkg from NC & AGM Davies, Penysir. Average of 257.57ppkg.

Mediums (367) to 262ppkg from C Tomlinson, Agden Dairy Farm. Others to 260ppkg from JA Gwalchmai, Minffordd.  Average of 242.7ppkg.

Heavies (62) to 239ppkg from J & E Evans, Dolgau. Others to 227ppkg from J & E Evans, Dolgau. Average of 217.93ppkg.


An entry of hoggets forward sold to a good trade to return an average of 211ppkg, with a top price of 233ppkg for pen of hoggets weighing 43kg hoggets making £100 from F Cornes, Lythwood Farm, and £110/head on three occasion for 53kg, 58kg, and 61kg hoggets from RA Davies, Llwynderw.

A very large seasonal entry of hoggets forward sold to a competitive trade throughout at price levels slightly less than last week. Heavier weight hoggs would be sold at similar price levels generally between £95 to £100 per head with better quality heavy weight tups selling well. Small lighter weight hoggs continue to find a strong demand and again at very similar prices to last week. A slightly slower trade was experienced for the mid-range export weight hoggs (40-48kg). Larger numbers of hoggs forward have exceeded the Easter demand, with lower prices for hoggets expected throughout this week. Hopefully demand and therefore prices will strenghten again after Easter.

Lights (185) to 216ppkg from JR Phillips & Son, Bank Farm. Others to 215ppkg from DG Lewis & Co, Geufron. Average of 200.66ppkg.

Standards (633) to 230ppkg from M & H Owens, Glantre. Others to 228ppkg from FG &  G Mountford, Middle Heldre. Average of 210.40ppkg.

Mediums (1697) to 233ppkg from F Cornes, Lythwood Farm. Others to 231ppkg from FG & G Mountford, Middle Heldre.  Average of 211.91ppkg.

Heavies (1111) to 227ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 216ppkg from R Lewis, Tynpistyll. Average of 196.04ppkg.

For further information, contact Jonathan Evans (07971002650) or Nick Hyne (07519106822)


This week we saw an increased entry of 2252 cull ewes that once again sold to a solid trade throughout with an overall average of £64.45. This was down £3.80 to last week but the ewes present this week were not as strong as last week on average. The trade was very similar to last week with good meated Welsh ewes selling to a terrific trade once again and the best reaching £77.50. 11 individual cull ewe buyers were present again this week with plenty of compeition throughout. Top price of the day went for a pen of 6 Texel ewes from EL Evans & Co, Green Farm that sold for £146.

A total of 54 cull rams were present this week averaging £68.43 with the best selling for £111 from Castell Gorwyn, Carmarthen.

Texel Ewes to £146

Charollais Ewes to £109

Suffolk Ewes to £102.50

Mule Ewes to £80.50

Romney Ewes to £77.50

Welsh Ewes to £77.50

Beulah Ewes to £70

Speckled Faced Ewes to £63

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


An increased entry of over 300 couples was met with a buoyant trade throughout which saw prices peak at £242 for a Texel x yearling with a single lamb from Miss S Jones, Arbenning. The same home presented further Texel ewes with texel lambs, which saw an average £84 a life.

Suffolk ewes with single lambs sold to £142 from BL Griffiths, Lower Penygelli. With twins selling to £217 from MJ Williams, Pontyperson.

Mule ewes peaked at £178 with twin lambs at foot from JE Isaac, Parc Cefnhinfa. With singles selling to £158 from WJ & JM Meredith.

A large entry of Welsh couples peaked at £119 for twins and £101 for singles. Both presented by A Evans, Brynperffaith.

Small entry of speckled ewes hit £140 with twin lambs from G Jones, Brynuchaf, And singles to £70 from HC Davies, Ty Canol.

Overall average - £121.76 per unit

£49.59 per life.

Larger entries of couples expected next week. Sale to commence at 11am. For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 22nd April – Couples

Tuesday 23rd April– Store Cattle Fair

Saturday 27th April – Pedigree Charolais Cattle

Monday 29th April – Couples

Monday 6th May – Cows & Calves and Prize Sale of Couples

Tuesday 7th May – Store Cattle and Weanlings

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