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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 04/02/2020 @ 14:12
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on the sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (29)

A similar number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1245.38 (146ppkg) for a British Blue x OTM weighing in at 853kg from SB Owen & Co, Garreg. TH & ME & EJ Jones, Plas Coch made 138ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 659kg making £909.42. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1414 (175ppkg) for a Limousin x weighing 808kg from CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall.   E LL Jones, Bryngwaeddan made 157ppkg for a Blonde d'Aquitaine x weighing 527kg making £827.39. Heifers under 48 months topped at £1348.24 (152ppkg) for a Limousin x heifer weighing 887kg from S Richards & Son, Gwern Y Pwll. TH & ME & EJ Jones made 176ppkg for a Limousin x heifer weighing 626kg making £1101.76. Bulls under 72 months saw a top price of £1288.56 (168ppkg) for a Limousin bull weighing 767kg.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (13) 121.58ppkg / £748.19

OTM Bull (2) 111.1ppkg / £1187.07

Cows 48-72 Months (5) 139.64ppkg / £926.68

Heifers Under 48 months (4) 151.07ppkg / £1097.52

Steer Under 48 months (2) 139.11ppkg / 541.15

Bull Under 72 months (2) 165.68ppkg / £1187.07 

Overall Average 132.34ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999) 


3483 hoggs forward sold this week to return a fantastic average of 231.49ppkg, with a top price of 269ppkg for pen of hoggs weighing 39kg making £105 and £129/head for 82kg hoggs from AE Casewell, Bodynfoel.

Best quality, better shaped hoggets continue to find tremendous demand with plenty of good quality pens selling at 245ppkg and above. JA Wood & Sons, Kinnerton Farm sold a tremendous run of 411 hoggets that averaged 238.2ppkg or £108.72/head. The biggest rise in price to last week were the heavy hoggs with a rise of 15.74ppkg on the week. 


Lights (368) to 259ppkg from DE Morgan & Co, Cefntwlch. Or £79/head from the same vendor. Others to 255ppkg from DE Morgan & Co, Cefntwlch. Average of 225.85ppkg.

Standards (660) to 262ppkg from TK Robinson, Tynewydd. Or £105/head from R & G Evans. Others to 259ppkg from IE Roberts & Son, Maesdyfnant. Average of 227.86ppkg.

Mediums (1658) to 260ppkg from JA Wood & Sons, Kinnerton Farm. Or £115.50/head from the same vendor. Others to 253ppkg from JA Wood & Sons, Kinnerton Farm.  Average of 233.65ppkg.

Heavies (678) to 255ppkg from TE Rowlands Ai Fab, Tyddyn Du. Or £128/head from GT Jones, Neuadd Fawr. Others to 247ppkg from GH Ellett, Cefn Derwen. Average of 223.36ppkg.


This week saw an increased entry of 1762 cull ewes that met a terrific trade once again with an overall average of £69.38 being achieved. There was a shortage of heavy ewes forward this week that has had a big influence on the average. Top price of the day went to GL, GS & A Howells, Shadog Farm that sold a fantastic pen of 19 Texel ewes for £150, closely followed by Tynybryn Farms that also sold a pen of Texel ewes for £144.50.

115 cull rams met a stronger trade this week with a top price of £120 being achieved by JK & DM Jones, Caebettin.

Texel x ewes to £150

Beltex x ewes to £128

Suffolk x ewes to £110

Mule ewes to £98

Welsh ewes to £81

Dolgellau type Welsh ewes to £58.50

Only sheep that are Barren, healthy and sound on all four feet can be offered for sale in the cull ewes section!

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


An entry of 16 cows and calves met with a solid trade for all the outfits presented with competitive bidding on all lots.

Leading the way at £2180 was RP Jones, Llanfair Hall Farm who sold a Charolais x British Blue 2nd calver with her Limousin x heifer calf.

From the same home were two Pedigree Limousin 2nd calvers, one with a heifer calf and one with a bull calf which sold for £2000 a piece.

Presented by DK Davies, Cwmydrefor were 5 Limousin x cows with Limousin calves at foot which were part of an ongoing herd dispersal, which sold to a top of £1750 to average £1620. From PR Williams, Llwyngwilym was a Limousin x 3rd calver with a heifer calf which made £1850. From the same home was a British Blue x 1st calver with a Limousin x heifer calf selling at £1650 and two 2015 born cows with Limousin calves making £1500 each. A Salers 1st calver with a Salers bull calf from M Williams, Wern Holding sold for £1620.

A breakdown of all prices achieved were as follows: £2000+ 3 Lots, £1800-2000 1 Lot, £1600-1800 5 Lots, £1400-1600 5 Lots, <£1400 2 Lots. 

For further information, contact Richard Evans (07764663192)


An increased entry of in lambers again – sold to a buoyant trade.

Mule 3/4 year olds carrying triplets to £148 from Evans & Mills, Ffynnon Fair. Welsh 4 year olds carrying carrying twins to £70 from HW & SW Nutting, Cwmrhwyddor. Mule 4 year olds carrying twins to £148 from ED & MJ Jones, Gelli. Full mouth Texels carrying twins to £145 and full mouth Texels carrying triplets to £130 both from TH, ME & EJ Jones, Plas Coch. Cheviot x 4/5 year-old ewes scanned at 125% to £85 and Cheviot 2/3 year old ewes scanned at 120% to £86 both from E Jackson, Lane Farm.

More in lamb ewes and couples entered for next Monday – Please get in touch if you have any to sell.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


Store hoggs hit £100 as prices prove some of the dearest all season as feeding men continue to fight over the entry!

Theaves: Texel £86.50, £84.50  and £84 twice, Suffolks to £69, Welsh to £60.50, £58 twice and £53.50, Beltex to £85, £83 and £81 and Charollais to £65.

Mixed and clean: Texels to £83, £77 and £76 twice, Suffolks to £90 and £79, Welsh to £55 and £49, Charollais to £87.50, £82.50 and £68 and Dorsets to £73.50.

Wethers: Texels to £59, Suffolks to £71 and £71 and Mules to £69.50.

Tups: Texels to £96, £78 and £73.50, Suffolks to £100, £93 and £86, Welsh to £71 twice, £70 and £69.50, Beltex to £72 and Charollais to £80 and £78.


Theaves - £61.18

Mixed and clean - £67.79

Wethers - £69.21

Tups - £69.77

Overall - £66.69

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 10th February – Store Cattle and In Lamb ewes 

Monday 17th February – Cow & calves and In Lamb ewes & couples

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