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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 12/02/2020 @ 07:59
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on their sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (11)

A similar number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1292 (152ppkg) for a British Blue x OTM weighing in at 850kg from G & H Jerman, Tynyrwtra. M & T Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf made 136ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 644kg making £875.84. Bulls under 72 months topped at £1357(115ppkg) for a Charolais bull weighing 1180kg from EG & AW Pugh, Cefn. JR James, Lower Trawscoed made 114ppkg for a Salers bull weighing 984kg making £1121.76. Steers under 48 months topped at £1137.42 (142ppkg) for a steer weighing 801kg from EE & MJ Jones & Sons, Cwmbychan.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (7) 130.12ppkg / £876.28

OTM Heifer (1) 119ppkg / £1004.36

Steers Under 48 months (1) 142ppkg / £1137.42

Bulls Under 72 months (2) 114.55ppkg / £1239.38

Overall Average 126.18ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999) 


A smaller entry of hoggs forward sold to return an average of 245.55ppkg, with a top price of 287ppkg for pen of hoggs weighing 38.5kg making £110.50 from O'Kane & Morgan, Penygelli, and £126/head for 47kg hoggs from the same home.

A smaller number of hoggs forward, mostly due to the weekends bad weather sold, to a flying trade from start to finish with plenty of buyers present creating competitive bidding on all weights and grades of hoggs. Best quality, best shaped hoggs continue to find tremendous demand selling up to 287ppkg and £126/head. Most demand was for the heavy weight hoggs 50 kilos + with plenty of these types selling between 240-250ppkg returning £120+. Export and supermarket weight hoggs also sold very well particularly the better meated types at price levels far in front of the current dead weight price.  Very few light weight hoggs on offer, which resulted in fierce competition with again a good number of these going back out on farm as stores. With national numbers of hoggs coming onto the market remaining small, demand for all types is far greater than supply which is resulting in this recent surge in prices. How long this will last is unknown but all vendors are encouraged to keep taking advantage of the current very strong live weight prices.


Lights (187) to 286ppkg from O'Kane & Morgan, Penygelli. Others to 250ppkg from the same home. Average of 233.33ppkg.

Standards (540) to 287ppkg from O'Kane & Morgan, Penygelli. Others to 264ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Average of 242.12ppkg.

Mediums (1195) to 280ppkg from TG Davies, Home Farm. Others to 279ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw.  Average of 248.18ppkg.

Heavies (907) to 268ppkg from O'Kane & Morgan, Penygelli. Others to 255ppkg from EW Jones & CO, Tytanyfoel. Average of 238.99ppkg.


A smaller entry of 1350 cull ewes met another terrific trade this week with an overall average of £67.10 being achieved. There was a shortage of heavy continental ewes this week that has had a big influence on the average.

However, the trade on the strongest ewes was sharper than last week with any amount of the best Texel and Suffolk x ewes £100 plus. Top price of the day was achieved by C Vaughan, Llanon that sold Charollais ewes for £153.

57 cull rams forward this week averaged £79.57 and a top price of £130 achieved by WD Morris & Son, Greenfields.

Charollais ewes to £153

Texel ewes to £129

Suffolks x ewes to £119

Mule ewes to £105

Welsh ewes to £84

Only sheep that are Barren, healthy and sound on all four feet can be offered for sale in the cull ewes section!

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


The smaller mid-month sale of 90 cattle attracted a good number of buyers with a good trade throughout but particularly on cattle suitable for summer grazing. The top prices were reflected in the higher average prices achieved.

Steers averaged 199.8ppkg or £948.06 per head and heifers averaged 202.49ppkg or £815.98 per head and a small entry of bulls averaged 197.28ppkg or £813.75 per head.

Top price per head Steers

Limousin 22 mo 725kg £1280 DS Jones & Co, Fronheulog

Limousin 20 mo 597kg £1185 DS Jones & Co, Fronheulog

Limousin 18 mo 600kg £1160 DS Jones & Co, Fronheulog

British Blue 21 mo 610kg £1130 DJL & SJ Evans, Rhoscyninfa

Limousin 19 mo 572kg £1115 DS Jones & Co, Fronheulog

Top price per head Heifers

Limousin 21 mo 490kg £1060 WT Jones & Co, Croesllwyn

Limousin 16 mo 460kg £1050 M & T Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf

Limousin 21 mo 505kg £1025 SJ Smith, Penybryn

Charolais 14 mo 483kg £1015 RA Roberts, Pennant

Limousin 21 mo 477kg £1010 M7 T Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf

Top price pence per kilo Steers

Limousin 9 mo 355kg 233.9ppkg P & C Marsh, Glyn Farm

Limousin 15 mo 423kg 222.2ppkg GP Vaughan & Son, Dolcorsllwyn

Limousin 14 mo 307kg 221.5ppkg PL & PG Bumford, Rhosfawr

Charolais 10 mo 388kg 219.1ppkg RA Meddins, Hafod

Limousin 11 mo 480kg 217.7ppkg DJL & SJ Evans, Rhoscyninfa

Top price pence per kilo Heifers

Limousin 19 mo 415kg 228.9ppkg WT Jones & Co, Croesllwyn

Limousin 16 mo 460kg 228.3ppkg M & T Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf

Limousin 14 mo 330kg 222.7ppkg PL & PG Bumford, Rhosfawr

Limousin 21 mo 490kg 216.3ppkg WT Jones & Co, Croesllwyn

Limousin 21 mo 477kg 211.7ppkg M & T Jones, Geseilfa Uchaf

For further information, contact Keith Davies (07764663186)


A similar entry, however purchasers took a more cautious approach due to the current weather conditions.

Mule 2 year old ewes carrying twins sold to £152 from A Roberts & Sons, Dolau. Mules 3/4 year old ewes scanned at 187% sold to £122 from JR Phillips & Sons, Bank Farm. 

Full mouth Texels carrying twins to £120 and full mouth Suffolks carrying twins to £108 both from M Lloyd, Merryvale. 

Full mouth Mules carrying triplets to £122 from AJ Hamer, Gwernybaurth. Full mouth Welsh scanned at 162% to £82 from C Roberts, The Cwms.

Overall average £103.48.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


A small seasonal entry of couples sold to a very good trade consider the current unsettled weather. 

MM & R Morris, Maestanyglwyden sold full mouth and as found Texels with twins to £242, £232 and £225, with singles from the same home to £160, £148 and £120.

DG Davies, Lan Farm sold aged Suffolks with twins to £208 and singles to £178.

More couples expected next week.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


Trade continues to be incredibly strong as weekly numbers and quality reduces. Best lambs £85 plus with the majority trading between £70 and £75.

Theaves: Texels to £78 and £72 and Charollais to £87.50 and £55.

Mixed and clean: Texels to £94.50 and £89, Suffolks to £70, Mules to £76, Welsh to £77.50 and Beltex to £90, £89 and £78.

Wethers: Texels to £84.50, Suffolks to £67 and Welsh to £56.

Tups: Texels to £100, £99.50 and £97, Suffolks to £80 and £70.50, Mules to £78, Welsh to £86, £65 and £60 and Charollais to £76.50.

First cade lamb of the year sold for £24.


Theaves - £75.08

Mixed and clean - £74.07

Wethers - £68.08

Tups - £71.81

Overall - £72.55 

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 17th February – Cows & Calves, In Lamb Ewes & Couples

Monday 24th February – In Lamb Ewes & Couples

Tuesday 25th February – Store Cattle Fair

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