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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 26/02/2020 @ 11:14
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on the Sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (39)

A larger number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1284.78 (161ppkg) for a British Blue x OTM weighing in at 798kg from IE & M Gittins & Sons, Lower Ucheldre. DW Griffiths & Son, Penybryn made 148ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 652kg making £964.96. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1106.91 (147ppkg) for a Beef Shorthorn x weighing 753kg from WM Astley & Sons, Llwynmawr.   A Roberts & Sons, Dolau made 159ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 631kg making £1003.29. Heifers under 48 months topped at £1062.40 (166ppkg) for a Charolais heifer weighing 640kg from MR Bound & Co, Penybanc.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (23) 128.94ppkg / £825.35

Cows 48-72 Months (12) 141.63ppkg / £946.34

Heifers Under 48 months (3) 155.64ppkg / £937.48

Bull Under 72 months (1) 169ppkg / £971.75

Overall Average 135.83ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999) 


An entry of hoggs 4060 forward sold to return an average of 227.98ppkg, with a top price of 281ppkg for pen of hoggs weighing 40kg making £112.50 from RA Davies, Llwynderw, and £143.50/head for 66kg hoggs from RA Davies, Llwynderw.

A larger number of hoggets, which was a surprise considering the wet weather and floods, sold to, as expected, a slightly slower trade throughout which was in line with other national and local livestock market returns from later last week. Better quality, better shaped hoggs continue to find a very strong demand with plenty of pens selling above 240ppkg and up to a high of 281ppkg for 40 kilo hoggs from Mr R A Davies, Llwynderw. Also in strong demand were the very heavy weight hoggs (55+ kilos) especially the better bred ones with again plenty of pens selling at £130+. Export and supermarket weight hoggs sold to a slightly reduced trade but  keen competitive bidding was again found on all grades. Light weight hoggs remain in strong demand especially the better meated types. Overall, although a slightly reduced trade this week prices remain very strong and hopefully prices will remain at similar price levels in in near future. Vendors are encouraged to keep selling hoggs as they become well fleshed.

Lights (229) to 241ppkg from TC Jones, Blaenwaun. Others to 238ppkg from JH Morris, Brynaber. Average of 220.51ppkg.

Standards (710) to 255ppkg from TK Robinson, Tynewydd. Others to 253ppkg from MC Davies, Lower Brynelyn. Average of 229.03ppkg.

Mediums (1860) to 281ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 255ppkg from AS & Em Goolden & Sons, Cil Bach.  Average of 228.29ppkg.

Heavies (949) to 268ppkg from RA Davies, Llwynderw. Others to 246ppkg from H Isaac, Llwynderw. Average of 225.45ppkg.


A reduced entry of 1409 cull ewes met the best trade seen in Welshpool Livestock Market for many years. A big storage of heavy ewes forward this week, however almost 25% of the entry sold for over £100!

Top price of the day went to DS Evans, Coedhirion Llanddarog that sold Texel ewes at £186. Plenty of Texel x ewes £130 plus, Mules £110 plus and Welsh at £80 plus. Overall average of £78.27, but a large proportion of the ewes forward were small/medium sized hill ewes.

63 cull rams forward averaged £89.43 with a top price of £127.50 being achieved by JO & BA Jenkins, Ty Uchaf.

Texel ewes to £186

Charollais ewes to £150

Beltex ewes to £145

Suffolk ewes to £136

Mule ewes to £125

Welsh ewes to £96

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


Again despite the terrible weather conditions we were met with an entry of over 300 and a few more buyers up and down the alley.

60 Charollais x full mouth ewes sold in pens of ten scanned at 180% sold to £132 and averaged £122.50.

146 Lleynx Texel x ewes in flock ages from 2 to 4 year old scanned at 178% sold to £126 and averaged £102.

Full mouth Texels sold to £132 for 15 scanned at 147% from RJ Morris, Woodside with full mouth Mules from the same home to £112.

Pure Texels sold to £160 for 3-year-old scanned twins from S Smith, Penybryn with others to £148 and £145.

A run of 62 Welsh 3 and 4-year-old ewes scanned twins sold to £66 and averaged £64 from RSPB, Tynygarreg.

Overall average - £100.59

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


An entry of over 100 couples sold to a slightly harder trade although the best outfits were keenly contested and proved a very good trade.

DS Evans, Coed Hirion sold Texel ewes with single lambs to £240, £230 and £200 with 6 outfits averaging £101.50/life.

TM Davies, Wynnstay Farm sold aged ewes with twins to £200, £199 twice and £197.

M & C Parry, Caeau Gleision sold yearling Suffolks with singles to £218 and twins to £200.

Ryan Morris, Maestanyglwyden sold full mouth Texel ewes with singles to £151 and £150 with twins to £185, £182 and £180.

Averages - £160.09/unit or £62.12 a life.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


An increased entry with a run of 232 from one vendor that hit £90 and averaged £88.50!

Theaves: Texels to £71.50, Suffolks to £85, £77.50 and Mules to £90.

Mixed and clean: Texels to £90 seven times, £84 ans £83 twice, Mules to £90, £67.50 twice and £62.50 and Charollais to £65 and £63.50.

Wethers: Mules to £63 and Swaledales to £57.

Tups: Texels to £75 and £74, Suffolks to £84 and £69, Mules to £80 and £53 and Welsh to £60 and £55.


Theaves: £64.74

Mixed & clean - £79.98

Wethers - £56.04

Tups - £67.44

Overall - £74.26

Cade lambs to £30 twice and averaged £9.88.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 2nd March – In Lamb ewes & Couples and Cows & Calves

Monday 9th March – Store Cattle, Cows & Calves and Couples

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